For those looking to protect their space from fire hazards, purchasing high-quality, flame-retardant cables are critical for ensuring safety. Additionally, finding cables that will provide sufficient building airflow return is essential to get the most protection for your heating and air systems. Placing these cables in strategic locations makes it possible to prevent the spread of fire to the central areas of the building where people reside. 

Plenum cables are often placed within the systems found beneath an elevated floor or other locations that consider the space’s airflow. In addition to their placement, the function of these cables is, in part, to prevent the continuous, outward spread of fire. You may notice that these cables are more expensive than some of the other safety cables available due to their high safety rating. 

Certain plenum cables have advanced chemical resistance, making them less susceptible to letting out more smoke and gas during a fire. The low smoke jacket coating also makes some plenum cables ideal for those prioritizing safety first. Now that you understand what plenum cables like cat6 plenum cables can offer, here are five areas to use this particular cable to function optimally for you.

Five Areas For Cat6 Plenum Cables 

As the name suggests, the cat6 plenum cable is intended for use in the plenum spaces of homes or buildings. Plenum spaces are those areas that generate the circulation of air for your heating and cooling systems. Since plenum spaces are at high-risk for fires, the cat6 plenum cable contains high-quality PVC and other flame-retardant properties to function even at high temperatures. 

As you consider the plenum spaces to install your cat6 plenum cables, here are five locations where they typically reside: 

  • Server rooms
  • Lobby area of your security cameras
  • Attic spaces (plenum spaces)
  • Drop ceilings
  • Beneath a raised or elevated floor 

Buying Cable Concealers 

You can purchase cable concealers to hide the appearance of your cat6 plenum cables if the aesthetic of your cable location matters to you. You can find baseboard ethernet cable concealers online or wall-mounted concealers as two potential options. If you need your cat6 plenum cables to run up a corner wall that meets the ceiling, make sure you buy a corner duct raceway to install your cable without disrupting the appearance of your space. 

Floor cord covers are also helpful to avoid tripping over wires. Many cord covers can be cut to meet the size needed. 

Check The Certification 

If you’re ever uncertain about the quality of your cables, be sure to check the certification. Double check that your cat6 plenum cables are made from pure copper conductors to avoid potential safety risks. Alternative options such as copper-clad aluminum can create severe safety issues. 

Improve The Safety Of Your Space

Always seek the advice of a cable installer before purchasing any plenum cables or similar for your home or building. Cat6 plenum cables might be just what you need to improve the safety of your space! 


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