Computing in the cloud is the most effective method for achieving digital agility across a whole organisation. The increased productivity of your hybrid workforce is supported by migrating your data, infrastructure, and applications from hardware on-premise to the cloud. The challenge of securing a perimeter that is constantly moving is best left to those who are experienced in the delivery of secure cloud services. While the always-on availability and collaborative communication offered by cloud computing by your servicenow partner are huge benefits, the task of securing a perimeter that is constantly moving presents a significant obstacle.

In the last two years, several businesses have swiftly embraced cloud solutions to accommodate employees who work remotely. On the other hand, the hurried migration may have increased the number of attack surfaces and resulted in inefficient technology buys, unsecured data transfers, and compliance difficulties. To get the most out of your data’s dependability, availability, and security, you must consider cloud computing solutions as part of your entire security posture.

The Five Most Important Advantages of Utilising a Cloud-Based Security Solution

Active handling of potential dangers

Cloud architects dedicated and experienced will see that security is implemented across all of your endpoints (access ports, devices, and applications). A cloud security solution has to incorporate advanced procedures, visibility, tracking, 24/7/365 monitoring, and industry-leading technology to deliver a proactive and responsive threat management system through a centralised management centre. Active monitoring and traffic dispersal might reduce the potential damage caused by threats such as distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS).

Safety of information

A powerful cloud security solution by a servicenow partner safeguards all stages of the data lifecycle, from when it is created until it is deleted. Encryption, robust passwords, multi-factor authentication, and backups verified as working should all be used to safeguard essential data. It is necessary to design internal and external disciplinary rules to restrict access to data based on the concept of least privilege.

Observance of applicable regulations

Data privacy and protection are among the highest priorities for both regulated sectors and individual customers. Cloud security solutions of the highest calibre manage and maintain increased protection around the infrastructure to ensure compliance with regulations and safeguard personal and financial data.


A scalable cloud computing system can respond to shifts in demand and adapt its capacity, security coverage, and pricing appropriately. For instance, the available server capacity will rise to prevent server breakdowns during high traffic volume. But prices will fall once demand has been decreased to a manageable level. So why should we invest in extra infrastructure if changes in demand may result in costly equipment being underutilised?

A high degree of accessibility and assistance

The term “high availability” refers to the capacity of cloud computing to keep mission-critical systems functioning safely despite the loss of individual components. Your data and apps hosted in the cloud are ready to support your workforce since they are backed by failover protocols, geo-redundancy, and ongoing monitoring. A cloud security system that follows best practices delivers continuous support for an organisation’s digital assets and provides remedies if interruptions pose a danger to the environment. This includes live monitoring around the clock, seven days a week, to resolve problems as they arise.

Even though many businesses continue to have the mistaken belief that on-premise and hardware-based security offers a higher level of protection, this is not the case. The advantages of cloud security, as a comparison to on-premise security, are made abundantly clear by the benefits of cloud security. To guarantee the highest level of protection for your assets housed in the cloud, choose the cloud security provider that best suits your needs.


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