If you feel that you have a relevant claim for disability then it makes perfect sense that you might want to consider hiring a disability attorney. These are the guys that know law inside and out and if there is anyone who could make sure that you get what is due to you, then it is them. Many people feel that they can go through this process all by themselves and in the vast majority of cases, they fail and they still need to call in a disability attorney. It makes more sense here to have the disability attorney with you from the very beginning and this can help to provide you with a better chance of success.

You cannot risk losing your claim because this is going to be your only source of money and so engaging with a professional disability attorney in Sacramento just makes so much sense. You need someone fighting for you and you need someone who has your back every single time. They will figure out if your claim is legitimate and if it is, then they will do everything within their power to get it for you. If you’re still thinking of representing yourself and going through all of this procedure independently then maybe the following benefits of engaging with a disability attorney can help you to change your mind.

  • Getting medical records – You’re going to need medical records to prove that your disability is in fact real and believe it or not, but contacting your general practitioner and requesting copies of your records can be quite difficult to do even if you have received local addiction treatment. It’s not that they don’t want to give them to you, it is that they are incredibly busy and so it may take some time to put them all together. This is time that you don’t have because you want to make your claim as soon as possible and so engaging with a disability attorney allows these records to be attained much more quickly.
  • Application assistance – There is a lot of paperwork that needs to be filled in and lots of corresponding documents to prove the validity of what you’re saying and so trying to do this by yourself for the very first time would be a complete nightmare. The point of having a disability attorney alongside you is because they have gone through this procedure numerous times before and they know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to your disability rights. Your disability attorney knows exactly what the powers that be are looking for and so he or she will make sure that you can provide them with this information.

If you try to go this alone then it’s highly likely that you’re going to be turned down for your application and so you can still engage with a disability attorney at that point anyway. They will prepare your case for the hearing stage and they will prepare you for any questions that you might be asked. Working with them increases the chances of their decision being overturned and you receiving your disability benefits.


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