If you’re seeking a way to combat your addiction but don’t know how to begin, it is better to seek intervention where you live first. A local addiction treatment option is often a better choice because it is more convenient. If you’ve decided to make a long-term commitment to care, choosing to detox close to homes offer a better hope of recovery.

So, why is choosing local better?

Below are some factors to consider when you’re choosing a recovery center to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you’re close to home, you’ll have more opportunities to follow through on your decision to end your addiction permanently.

1. A Smaller Chance of Relapse

By positioning yourself close to home, you have easier access to the drug rehab facility. This means you also have more convenient access to aftercare. You don’t have this type of advantage if you have to travel a distance to obtain treatment. By staying closer to home, you can more easily get the help you need. If you run into any problems during recovery, you’re just minutes away.

2. Detoxification is Smoother

Some people don’t feel comfortable going through detoxification in a far-off location. When you choose local addiction treatment however, you’re just minutes from your home. Therefore, you have more of a feeling of familiarity. 

This can greatly minimize the stress felt of going through the detoxification process. You’re in more familiar surroundings, which also eases any feelings of anxiety. After all, if you need this type of treatment, you don’t want to liken the experience to landing on an island in a strange part of the sea.

Everyone in a recovery program needs to go through detox from alcohol and drugs to free them of their cravings. Therefore, a local therapy location is preferred over preparing for a flight or a long drive to a distant rehab facility

3. Your Support Network is Stronger

Whether or not you’re close to family, your support network is still stronger if you stay close to home. You can contact a local rehab site when needed and talk to counselors much more easily. While some drug rehab centers offer telemedicine services, it still is nice to know you can make a local phone call.

4. You Can Connect as an Outpatient Conveniently from Home

If you require outpatient services, it is far more convenient to connect from home if you’re local than if your treatment center is miles away. This makes it simpler for you to stay committed to your treatment plans. Wherever you receive treatment, you need to feel confident about your outpatient care and follow up.

5. Aftercare Is Much More Positive

Congratulations! You’ve made it through your inhouse therapy. Now you’re ready for aftercare. Isn’t it better to know you’re only minutes from home if you need to follow up on your care? If your drug rehab program is not close by, you might feel you’ve lost that strong anchor that enabled you to successfully get through therapy.

By staying close to home, your transition into the main street is easier.

Final Remarks about Your Treatment Options

Review the above information when choosing a therapy center for detoxing and counseling. You don’t have to travel a long way to receive treatment, sometimes the help you need is right in your own backyard.


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