Miami is home to over 61,000 boat owners. While most accidents are minor and involve only damage to the boat itself – occasionally, tragic fatalities result from boating collisions. If you suffered injuries from a boating accident, you’d want to take some time to decide what to do next.  

If you are injured in a Miami boat accident or lost a loved one, you must know what to do. It’s best to contact a Miami Boating Accident Lawyer at the earliest.

1. Gather as Much Information as Possible

You should do numerous things following a boating accident; however, one of the first things to do is to maintain as much detail as you can regarding the accident itself and any injuries. 

You’ll want to take photographs of anyone injured – both for evidentiary purposes and to help document the extent of their injuries should there be any permanent damage. If you’re able, you’ll want to take photographs of the boat and its occupants as well.

2. Preserve Your Equipment

Assuming that no one sustained severe injuries in the accident, it’s essential not to let anyone touch or remove any evidence from the scene. 

This evidence includes the boat itself, any damaged equipment (including life vests, paddles, etc.), and anything related to the accident or injuries (towels you used to clean up blood, skid marks on the water’s surface, etc.).

3. Make Contact with Your Insurance Company

Whether you own a large yacht in Miami or a small fishing boat, you need to have it insured. This step will ensure no question over who should pay for the damages to the vessel, any injuries that may have occurred, and any other financial burdens that can result from an accident. 

It’s also essential to have life insurance coverage if anyone is injured or killed in the accident.

4. Get Legal Representation

If you sustained significant injuries during a boat accident, you must get legal help right away. You can only afford certain rights and privileges if you act quickly, including the right to file an official claim or lawsuit within a certain period following the injury.

However, there is also a window of time for financial compensation. The sooner you contact a Miami Boating Accident Lawyer, the better your chances are of maximizing your potential settlement or recovering higher costs for medical expenses and long-term care as needed.

5. Do Not Admit Fault

Typically, boat accidents do not result in any criminal charges; however, that doesn’t mean that the boat’s owner won’t seek to file a lawsuit against you if they believe you are negligent in any way during the accident. 

Therefore, it is essential to remember not admitting fault or accepting responsibility for someone else’s injuries. If you are injured, there’s a chance that it could have been partially or wholly your spot – in which case, you should still seek to recoup the costs of medical bills and any other expenses related to the Miami boat accident.

Wrapping Up

Keep these five points in mind whenever you’re involved in a boat accident in Miami. It is vital to prevent the person who caused your injury from filing a lawsuit against you.


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