We all tend to take our teeth for granted and good oral health is never a given, rather you should adopt a thorough oral hygiene regime if you want to reduce the risk of toothache and ultimately, dental treatment.

Here is a list of common dental issues and potential treatment options.

  1. Tooth decay – This can affect people of all ages and it is usually caused by having a diet that has a high sugar content and when the sugar remains on the tooth enamel, it feeds the bacteria that eat into the tooth enamel, which results in tiny pinholes, which grow over time. Treatment options include drilling out the cavity and filling it with a white composite material, or in severe cases, creating a peg and fitting a crown.
  2. Gum infection – This is a common condition whereby the soft gum tissue gets infected, swelling up and usually painful to the touch. There are several types of gum disease and should you notice swelling of the gums, make an appointment with a local dentist in or near Cronulla and let the health professional take a look.
  3. Broken or chipped tooth – This can be caused by a sporting collision or any kind of facial trauma; treatment might be to fit a porcelain veneer, a crown, or even a dental implant, depending on the severity of the injury. This is one form of cosmetic dentistry that can restore your smile when you break or chip a tooth and when you visit your local dentist, he or she can make you aware of all the treatment options. If you are in pain after dental treatment, there are painkiller options to help.
  4. Crooked teeth – In a perfect world, we would have straight and perfectly formed teeth, yet reality often means our teeth grow into a crooked pattern, which, while not a health threat, can cause a person to lose their self-confidence. The Orthodontist in Northern Virginia, VA might recommend Invisalign, which is a clear-plastic aligner that exerts pressure on specific teeth and over a period of months, there is a noticeable improvement. Porcelain veneers can also be used to straighten your smile and it isn’t only young people that wish to improve their appearance; indeed, many retired people have the treatment.
  5. Extractions – If you have a crowded mouth, it might be necessary to extract a molar or two, while extraction is carried out when wisdom teeth do not erupt properly. Of course, the dentist will only recommend removing a tooth if it is in your best interests and they always use anesthetic when performing tooth extraction. A typical situation might be an elderly person who has few remaining teeth and after they are extracted, dentures provide a better solution.

It is very important for every person to adopt a good oral hygiene routine, which reduces the risk of dental conditions arising. Remember to visit your dentist every 6 months for a check-up and this will enable swift treatment, should there be any problems.


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