Can I take Tylenol with Amoxicillin?

That is a question many people ask when they are prescribed both. The answer, unfortunately, isn’t so simple. It all depends on what type of Amoxicillin you have been prescribed and how much Tylenol you plan to take.

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Most people take Amoxicillin to treat bacterial infections. Tylenol is most often used as a pain reliever, although it can also be prescribed for fever reducer or diarrhea treatment.

A doctor may prescribe either one of these medications when they want the patient’s symptoms relieved immediately and without delay.

If you are taking both at the same time, there will need to be some adjustments made in order to keep your medication schedule safe and effective so that you avoid side-effects while getting relief from this infection quickly enough so that it doesn’t get worse. The first step would be figuring out what type of amoxicillin you have been prescribed by your doctor. There are three different types: standard release (SR), extended release (


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