Many people leave their country of origin and head off into the big bad world to try to find suitable employment in another country. There are many reasons for leaving your country of origin and it might be that you no longer have family there and so it makes sense to get out into the world and try to make new friends and new connections. It might be because you have been deployed there by your company for the next three years and so you need to make sure that you are working legally. Whatever the reasons, it can be a very complex procedure if you don’t know the rules and regulations that need to be followed.

One particular country that is incredibly popular for expats to relocate to and to work in, is Thailand and they go there because of the favourable weather and the lifestyle that it can provide them. The Thai people are incredibly relaxed but when it comes to the laws and regulations of the land, they are incredibly strict. You do not want to be dealing with those in charge if you’re not following the right procedures and so this is why you should always seek out a service provider that can quickly and easily provide you with the correct work permit in Thailand. If you’re thinking to yourself that you might put off getting a work permit until you decide that this is the right job for you, then you’re making a big mistake and here are some of the reasons why you should never ever work in Thailand without the relevant work permit in place.

  • To be legal – Imagine working in a job where we are constantly looking over your shoulder in case people from the work permit office are going to visit. This would put you in an almost impossible situation because every time that the phone rings or the door opens of your office or you try to sell your car, you eventually go into panic mode because you’re worried about the outcome of being caught without a legal work permit. If you want essential peace of mind and you want to build a new life for yourself then you need to engage with a service provider that can get you your work permit before you start work.
  • For financial transactions – Opening up a bank account in Thailand is not as straightforward as a would-be in your country of origin and every bank that you walk into will ask to see your work permit before they will even entertain the thought of opening an account for you. Any money that you earn in Thailand you can spend here on a vacation, but you might want to send back on to your friends and family and so this is made incredibly difficult if you do not have a work permit to show how you earned the money in the first place.

As you can see, it doesn’t make any sense to not engage with a service provider that can provide you with a legal work permit because you’re going to run into problems at every turn.


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