Cancer is, without a doubt, one of the most severe diseases that people can suffer from. There are countless cases where cancer patients must endure grueling treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation, to defeat the disease. 

Unfortunately, many cancer patients do not receive the quality care they deserve. When physicians and hospitals fail to provide satisfactory treatment, mainly when this neglect results in an injury or death, it can be beneficial to contact dedicated cancer lawyers in NYC

Cancer is a prevalent chronic disease in New York, with around 110,000 New Yorkers diagnosed with it every year. Nearly 35,000 people die due to it every year. If the hospital or medical staff has wronged you, it makes it all the more important to seek justice for it. 

Why Do You Need Cancer Lawyers?

Cancer lawyers in NYC work with the families of victims who have been injured or died due to medical malpractice. A cancer lawyer can help patients pursue compensation for their legal claims so that they can pay their bills and live comfortably after being diagnosed with cancer.

If you were recently diagnosed with cancer, metastasized cancer, or are suffering from the effects of chemotherapy, you should speak with a qualified cancer attorney before signing any papers.

When You Need an NYC Cancer Lawyer

It is never too early to contact an NYC cancer lawyer. Some people wait until they have been diagnosed with cancer, but you should not delay because the later you hire a lawyer, the harder it can be to collect evidence and witnesses. Here are the instances when you need a cancer misdiagnosis lawyer immediately:

Misdiagnosed With Cancer

If you were diagnosed with cancer, but it turns out that you do not have the disease, then you should contact cancer lawyers in NYC immediately. In some instances, the physician who makes a mistake might not know the true extent of your illness. 

In other cases, a doctor might be covering up their own negligence. Because misdiagnosis can dramatically impact treatment options, it is essential to hire an attorney as soon as possible after being diagnosed with cancer.

If you receive a late-stage cancer diagnosis, your chances of survival are significantly lower than if you were diagnosed in the earliest stages. Late-stage diagnoses are relatively common occurrences because many physicians do not order tests unless they suspect something is wrong. 

Delay in Proper Treatment 

If your doctor tells you that your cancer was diagnosed in an advanced stage, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible because the longer the delay in treatment, the more likely it is that your cancer will have metastasized. Depending on which NYC hospital you are at, you might also face delays due to logistical issues, which can make your case stronger. 

Diagnosed with Cancer While Pregnant

Being pregnant while being diagnosed does not reduce your chances of getting compensation. If you were diagnosed with cancer while pregnant, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible because your life will be drastically changed. The financial burden can be enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed.

The Effects of Chemo are Worse Than the Cancer

Chemotherapy has many side effects, including hair loss, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting. While not everyone experiences the same side effects when undergoing chemo, it is common for people to feel worse after finishing their treatments. 

Doctors might tell you that the treatment was not successful if your cancer returns soon after completing chemotherapy, but this does not mean that you cannot receive compensation for improper care.


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