If you have valuable jewelry that you would love to sell, you might be wondering how to do it. The best way to figure this out is by knowing the kind of jewelry gold buyers accept. This is because gold buyers have various specifications for the jewelry they accept. When you figure it out, you will be able to move forward with your transaction. This guide will enlighten you on the type of jewelry gold buyers accept and how to sell it.

Accepted Gold Jewelry

It is easy to sell jewelry and other valuable items through online platforms. However, you should know the type of jewelry gold buyers accept for a smooth transaction. Gold buyers accept necklaces, rings, charms, pendants, anklets/bracelets, cufflinks, earrings, watches, and precious stones. Note that precious stones include gemstones and diamonds. Gold buyers also accept antique, vintage, and estate jewelry. 

Therefore, if you have this type of jewelry, don’t hesitate to get in touch with gold buyers. Having known the type of jewelry accepted, you should also know some of the crucial details that will help you in the transaction. This information is key in helping you understand what is right and wrong in any jewelry transaction. Besides, it is vital when you want to sell your gold. Some of the things are highlighted below. 

Know the Rate for Gold Jewelry

Before selling your jewelry, you should know the price of gold. This will help you know how much you will receive for your jewelry. Generally, gold buyers base their prices on various factors. For instance, the gold price can vary depending on the time and location. Some parts of the country have higher gold prices than others. Besides, the state of inflation could have some effects on general gold prices. The higher the gold price, the more money you will get for your jewelry.

Keep the Karats Separate

You should also keep your karats separate. Knowing the difference between karats is essential when dealing with gold buyers. You should ensure that the buyer doesn’t weigh jewelry of distinct karats at once. This could mix up the quality of different jewelry, which might lower the total price. Therefore, you are encouraged to keep your karats separate. If you have karats that you know are more valuable than others, you should keep them in different ports. This will ensure that gold buyers rate them differently. By doing so, you will get better prices for your jewelry

Understand the Basics Before Engaging Gold Buyers

Before engaging gold buyers, you should understand the basics. You should do your homework and know everything entailed in the process. Learn about the different types of scales buyers use to weigh gold jewelry. Some rogue gold buyers try to confuse sellers by weighing in pennyweights and paying in grams. To get the best price, you should ensure that the buyer is paying and weighing with the same unit of measure. 

Get Reliable Gold Jewelry Buyers

Gold jewelry is precious and often in demand. Therefore, you should avoid engaging rogue buyers that are after conning unsuspicious sellers. Instead, look for experienced and reputable gold buyers for trustworthy transactions.


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