DNA paternity testing helps approve or disapprove a non-gestational parent and child relationship. This test uses the DNA profile of the parties and compares their data for any match. A genetic match will prove parenting while unmatching details exclude the potential parent as the biological parent.

Paternity tests evaluate the saliva or blood of the parties involved. These tests, usually conducted by accredited centers, are almost 100% accurate. 

Here is what to look for in a paternity test near me.

Types of Paternity Testing

You may consider a paternity test near me at some point in your life for reasons such as a court order for child support, custody, or birth documentation. You can also undertake a paternity test to affirm that you are raising your paternal child.

Depending on the reason, you can opt for the following types of paternity tests near me:

Legal Paternity

The legal paternity test provides proof of the relationship between the child and non-gestational parent in response to a court order. This type of testing requires onsite testing.

Home Paternity

The home paternity kit is helpful if you want this test for your peace of mind or personal knowledge. In this case, participants collect and submit their samples for testing. Click here for more information on home paternity test kits.

Prenatal Paternity

The prenatal test is appropriate if you want answers while a woman is still pregnant. You can take this test as early as seven weeks of pregnancy. A woman will give a blood sample while the father will take mouth swabs for analysis.

What To look for in a Paternity Test near Me

The DNA carries all the information about a person and their relationships with other people.  Hence, you should carefully select the company to conduct this test, given the sensitivity of this information. Among the things you should check before settling on a paternity test near me include:

Company Database and Locations

Since DNA tests depend on finding matches and picking a company with a bigger database, it provides room for more accurate results. The company should also have more locations for DNA sample collections.


The paternity test near me should have an accredited laboratory for quality results.

Safety of Your Information

Check the company’s privacy policy to establish how safe your details will be.

Customer Service

Check if you can contact the company and whether they can respond to your concerns. You should also confirm how long the company takes to respond to your queries and how long it takes to deliver the results. The company should also help you choose the correct tests for your situation.

Scientific Credentials

Checking the scientific credentials will involve assessing the company’s competency in employing scientists in its product development and affiliations with other scientific organizations.

Availability of Storage Facilities

Sample storage is necessary to avoid submitting new samples each time a new test is available.  Storage facilities also ensure smooth upgrading of the tests of deceased relatives for future reference.

Bottom Line

Paternity DNA tests can be life-changing, and getting accurate results is necessary. Hence, a company background check should be the first step before sourcing their services. An accredited company, in most cases, guarantees safe and quality services.


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