Cable TV is now fading out slowly as most people embrace the ways to enjoy shows and movies. Plus, you end up paying for so many channels and only watch one or two. What is new now to give you the push to cut the cable? Those not using cable TV, what are the alternatives they use to enjoy their favorite shows and movies. Today, you can stream the piratebay for free and get everything from children’s animations, teen movies, games, and consoles, among other things. But what else is out here? Below are alternatives to cable TVthat help you end your connection with the cable companies and not lose your favorite shows. 

Choose a streaming service 

Before you cut the cable, plan how you will watch TV. You can opt for the various streaming services available. If you get one that suits you, find a way to display them on your TV. The best strategy is to buy a streaming device for cable TV or buy a smart TV. If you love to binge-watch aired shows or entire seasons, a streaming service comes in handy. Each streaming service has something they offer. Check their extensive library of shows to know if the streaming service you choose offers what you need. 

Consider a smart TV

Smart TVs are the latest type of Television sets you can get in the market. You have to connect them to the internet to access streaming media services. Also, they run entertainment apps such as internet music stations, on-demand rental services, and web browsers. To deliver internet access, smart TVs use built-in Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet connection to connect to the home network. But check before you purchase your TV, but most models have built-in Wi-Fi. 

Add a high definition antenna

I turned my satellite dish into a badass HDTV antenna | Hdtv antenna, Diy  tv antenna, Satellite dish

Modern antennas that you have behind a picture in our living room. Or that sit atop your roof, where you get the best signal to get live TV without cable. The tried and true antenna is among the best cable TV alternatives. Most people never know it is possible to get many TV stations with a quality antenna. Using it gives you a better chance to be in the range of dozens of over-the-air broadcast channels and many other regional stations. Plus, many popular TV shows, local news, local sports games come on over the air TV in high definition. And the broadcasts you get with a high-definition antenna are of high quality than what cable provides. Not to forget, these channels are free. 

Use the library

The libraries still exist, even with most people not getting the time to visit one. Visit a library near you and ask for an entire series of popular contemporary shows, movies, documentaries as most of the libraries have them. To see what they offer, log on to your local library network. If you are not finding what you want, request materials from other libraries within the network. All these you get for free. You just need to rent out and return them for others to access them.  

Get a streaming device for your TV

Today, you can get streaming devices and sticks offering viable cable TV alternatives in the market. Some popular devices you can choose from are Google Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, and amazon fire TV. Investigate every option available and compare offers and prices to see what works for you. Ask friends and relatives what they are using after they cut the cable to know what review they give.   

Try negotiating

Negotiation As a Way of Life

Do not be in a hurry to cut the cord before negotiating. Take the chance to negotiate with your cable TV provider before you close the account for good. Reach out to your cable provider and talk to them as they will not want to lose business from you. So, get your negotiating game on, and you can get a hefty discount for a year or more. Also, consider signing up for a service bundled with a phone and internet to get a better price. But if not, and you have to cut the connection, boost your bandwidth in preparation for using the streaming services. 


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