Credit cards are helpful in our day-to-day life. They are beneficial when making significant purchases or even daily spending. They are safer compared to debit cards and are accepted universally.

Depending on the credit card you decide to use, there are different perks you can receive from the card companies. If you apply for a MoneySmart recommended credit card, you may get your cashback, earn rewards or even create a strong credit history for future financing. If you plan to get the ideal credit card, you are in the right place. 

This guide covers some of the top credit cards you can apply for in Hong Kong.

• Standard Chartered Smart Card

It is one of the best Hong Kong smartcards that offers users some cashback when using the card. With this credit card, you can get HK$500 supermarket vouchers for shopping.

You can also get HK$500 Japanese grocery store cash vouchers when you use this smart card. The card offers a 5% rebate and gives you a 3-month interest-free installment.

One excellent advantage of this credit card is that there are no foreign exchange fees or annual fees. Users have the opportunity to earn up to 15% reward on Expedia.

• EarnMORE UnionPay Card

This credit card offers users a HK$300 cash rebate and a welcome cash rebate of HK$670. You could also receive other prices and commodities such as a Hyundai air purifier, Philips heating water dispenser, or a bladeless fan.

With this credit card, you get 2% cashback on your spending around Hong Kong. You will also have access to about 130 lounge key airport lounges.

The credit card does not have an annual interest rate or a supplementary annual fee.

• Wewa UnionPay Card

Another MoneySmart recommended credit card that gives users an extra HK$300 cash rebate. You will also get a welcome offer of a HK$500 cash rebate or a Marshall Emberton portable speaker. Users can also receive Bruno’s compact hot plate.

With this credit card, tertiary students receive a cash rebate of HK$200. If you get this credit card, you will also have access to around 130 lounge key airport lounges. There is no supplementary annual fee or annual interest fee, and you can also get a fee waiver.

• American Express Explorer Credit Card

Users will get a 1.67% cashback on selected online spending with this card. You get five membership reward points for every HK$1 you spend on airlines and other online travel. No administration fee is required if you transfer your cad points into other air miles partners. You will also enjoy ten times complimentary premium lounge access.

The credit card has no supplementary annual fee and an annual interest rate of just 37.67%.

• Citi Rewards MasterCard 

With this credit card, you get a 2% cashback on online local spending. Its miles conversion is $3 for one mile. You will receive a first-year annual fee waiver, and the reward points will never expire.

This credit card has no supplementary annual fee, and the yearly interest rate is just 35.51%. The card has an interest-free period of about 58 days. Users have a minimum monthly repayment of 1.5% of the monthly balance.

• Standard Chartered Cathay MasterCard

If you spend on the HK Express and Cathay, the miles conversion is HK$3 for every mile and HK$4 for every mile on overseas, online, and dining transactions. For the first 60,000 miles, you get as low as HK$0.2 for every Asia mile for the new cardholders.

The new clients will also enjoy a fee waiver for the first year. You will get miles conversion of HKD6 for every Asia mile when you spend on diverse categories listed in Hong Kong dollars. The credit card has no supplementary annual fee, and the yearly interest fee is 33.41%.

• American Express Platinum Credit Card

With this credit card, you will get an extra HK$800 as a supermarket voucher coming from MoneySmart. You can enjoy welcome offers that could amount to HK$2,960. You can also get cash vouchers by spending HK$5,000 in the initial three months of acquiring the credit card.

If you apply online, you get four complimentary movie tickets. However, this offer is available only at Broadway Circuit. You will also enjoy 8% off when using Expedia, among other hotel benefits. Entertainment benefits are also available such as spa treatment and discounted movie tickets. 

Final Thoughts

All these credit cards have different perks. Take advantage of the ideal credit cards that suit your lifestyle. There are even more benefits and perks, so you can scrutinize the credit cards more to find out.


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