As far as online sharing of promotional and digital marketing videos is concerned, YouTube is indubitably one of the best destinations. YouTube is an unparalleled social media website where contemporary marketing video culture evolves daily. Marketers have turned to YouTube to make their brands more relevant and drive their video marketing strategies. But simultaneously you should be familiar with the main YouTube trends. There are numerous unfounded conspiracies, and fake news regarding YouTube marketing strategies and trends and it can get difficult to overcome the noise. However, take advantage of the growing popularity of websites and empower yourself with the appropriate knowledge of the emerging YouTube trends in 2022.

Here you will equip yourself with accurate YouTube trends that are meaningful to marketers, brand influencers, business owners, and advertisers. The goal is to use video promotions to market the brand and help catch up with sustainable consumers. Marketers benefit from reaching a huge audience with informative content. It is a win-win situation wherein consumers too, can connect with their favorite brands at an unmatched level. According to Alexa, YouTube is the second most interesting website in the world, with an average daily stay of 19 minutes.

Let us look at the Top 5 YouTube Trends in 2022

Trend 1: Live Streaming

Livestreaming is the process of broadcasting live events online, which has taken over television broadcasting. YouTube knows that consumers love the convenience of live streaming. That’s why the platform has made the live streaming feature a core part of its business model.

Trend 2: YouTube Shorts

YouTube became functional stream shorts while apps like TikTok and Snapchat dominated the app market. It offers but creates features for YouTuber’s extensive network. This is the beginning of the video platform and is still in beta mode, but its goal is clear. Users can create videos up to 15-20 seconds long and spread them by word of mouth.

Trend 3: Practice creating new content

YouTube is constantly changing and introducing new features that allow creators to interact with their viewers more innovatively. Last year, YouTube introduced two features that change the way videos are displayed – Chapters and Premiers that have evolved the way digital marketers can upload their content and circulate it across their target audience. Similarly in 2022, YouTube is constantly transforming its practices considering the surfacing demands of digital marketing.

Trend 4: Community Engagement

Till some time back, only your audience could communicate with you through comments and likes. But now, you as a digital marketer of your brand and goods, are given the opportunity as a YouTuber to interact with your viewers in many ways, other than videos, explanations, and comments. Now you can interact with over 1,000 subscribers using the “Community” tab through text, videos, images, voting, and GIFs

Trend 5: YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are constantly improving and adding value, and marketers are shifting base from the leading video advertising platform, Facebook, to YouTube as advertisers report that guidelines for them will become more stringent. YouTube mobile ads can get better consumer attention than TV ads and are intentionally targeted towards your audience based on their demographic status and willingness to buy.

YouTube ad types

There are 4 types of ads you can choose from

  • Pre-roll video ads – These 15- 20 second ads will be displayed before the video is loaded and usually cannot be skipped. Pre-roll video ads are the most cost-effective for conversion-focused campaigns because advertisers pay per click rather than impressions or views.
  • In-stream ads – Users can skip after 5 seconds and work on a prospective basis. Advertisers use in-stream advertising for brand awareness campaigns.
  • Bumper ads – This is a combination of the last two ad types. It can be up to 6 seconds long and cannot be skipped. Although not as common as pre-roll and in-stream ads, but they are quite significant in increasing the ad recall
  • Overlay ads – These only work on the desktop and are visible when the user starts playing the video. They appear in the bottom 20% of the video. Advertisers pay based on a CPM that matches the brand awareness of the campaign.

Other significant YouTube marketing Trends in 2022 that you need to make a note of

1. Immersive shopping videos

Brands need to add product reviews and purchase guide videos to YouTube. The reference YouTube video based on “What should I buy?” or “Which product should I buy?” has doubled in the last two years which means it’s time for brands to partner with YouTubers to promote their products and services.

2. How-to tutorials

Marketers need to prioritize this content as much as consumers to nail how-tos and tutorial videos on YouTube. Brands need to learn insights from consumers and use those insights to create targeted campaigns. The idea is to extend the video content and maintain its relevance to your target audience as much as possible.

3. Content decided by followers

Brands and marketers need to provide viewers with a unique opportunity to determine the content that facilitates actual engagement. Marketers also need to take this opportunity to excite their users with the next new product.

4. Morning and night routine video

Marketers need to take this opportunity to introduce new products. Consumer goods and beauty brands also need to work with YouTubers to target these everyday videos.

5. 360-degree video

Marketers can use 360-degree video to introduce or introduce their products and services in their way. Brands need to seize opportunities and enable consumers to see the characteristics of their products from different angles.

6. Celebrity and Influencer-based Videos

Brands can work with influencers and use an integrated follower base. Celebrities can show more behind-the-scenes videos to attract new consumers and their channels can provide a consumer base integrated into the brand.

7. Docuseries

Docuseries are a series of related documentary videos published in a segment. In general, docuseries which are a combination of documentaries and series, are videos that are released in stages. These videos are all the rage today, and not only influencers but also independent creators are depending on them.

8. YouTube search engine – SEO

YouTube is constantly optimizing its algorithms. The goal is to create videos that will allow consumers to use YouTube longer. Ideally, you should create a video that will be watched in 15 seconds. Be sure to add the primary keyword to your YouTube video title.

9. Sustainable living

These kinds of videos are a great opportunity to explore consumer behavior as brands evolve. New marketing niches in every sector are opening up for brands and it is time to add videos to help consumers lead a more environmentally friendly and sustainable life.

10. Gamers take the lead

YouTube aims to be a leader in the game streaming market. However, YouTube has a long way to go in this segment as gaming channels and personalities have great potential for sponsorship and content partnerships.


Trends change almost every day and new trends emerge at the most unexpected times. Now is the time to take advantage of existing YouTube trends that dominate the wave when marketers’ adoption of video surges. If you want to challenge the future of video marketing, you need to take advantage of the potential and adapt your strategy to these trends. Best of all, you need to know all about campaign management and use the right software solutions, like using the best YouTube video editor to optimize your overall marketing strategy.


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