Bunion treatment is a medical treatment that is mostly recommended by doctors. Its goal is to reduce bunion pain and help alleviate the swelling. Bunion surgery may be more complex than other types of surgery, but it requires a quicker recovery time than most surgical procedures. With proper care, most patients will have normal activities within three weeks after the procedure. Bunion treatment in Singapore has many benefits, they include;

1. Prevent getting osteoarthritis in the future.

This is the most common form of arthritis that usually occurs at the end of the foot and toes. Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that causes pain, stiffness, and swelling in joints. This can be very upsetting as it worsens with time. When you have a bunion, it can cause this condition to worsen. It is very important that you get the bunion treated as soon as possible so that your risk of having osteoarthritis is reduced.

2. You’ll be able to wear the shoes that you want to wear and not the ones that are limiting you from walking because of your bunion pain

If you want to wear high heels or sandals, but cannot due to painful bunions, then being able to wear them again will make you happy. You should be able to keep wearing your favorite shoes after bunion treatment in Singapore.

3) You’ll have a better walking experience

Bunion pain is extremely annoying, especially after a long day at work. Having the bunion treated will allow you to have an easier time walking and doing your daily activities. You won’t need to worry about the pain that you get in your foot and ankle area when you wear shoes with tight-fitting straps or high heels. Bunion surgery may take time but it is worth it as it is proven to be more effective than other treatments such as steroid injections.

4. It doesn’t hurt your pocket significantly

Bunion surgery in Singapore is not a very expensive treatment. Most surgeons will do it on patients without insurance. This makes surgeries such as bunion surgery cost very minimal, which means you’ll actually have money to buy shoes and other things that you want.

5. It doesn’t take up much time for you to do your daily activities

Bunion surgery does not require bypasses or repositioning of the foot because it uses a simple incision to cut a small part of the bone where the discomfort comes from. You can get this done on an outpatient basis after anesthesia and recovery in Singapore with no blood loss and no stitches required.

6. Have it done at the same time that you get your braces

Bunion surgery can be done in the same time period for your orthodontic treatment, which means you’ll be able to have your braces and bunion surgery on the same day. Your doctor will tell you how he or she wants to do this procedure, so there’s no reason to delay. If bunion surgery is not possible due to pain or other medical reasons, then they will tell you this when they see you and talk with you about it.


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