It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a bong for the 50th time or the first, the experience will always be daunting. There are so many options to choose from, all of which can be overwhelming for the most part.

Choosing the right bong is important for many reasons. Are you looking to turn down on your clouds because of noisy neighbors? Or are your lungs too sensitive, compelling you to find a smoother, less harsh rip?  

Whatever the case, you want to be sure that you’re making the right choice? 

To help make the decision easy for you, here is a detailed guide on factors you need to consider to find a bong that’s ideal for you as a beginner.  

Which Size Works Best?

The size of the bong you choose is primarily dependent on your lifestyle. Some people opt for 

the more portable/mini bong which can be easily carried around in a backpack and is easier for travel.

However, if you are a homebody, a larger gong will still work for you. You can smoke in the comfort of your home without having to think about moving about with your bong frequently.

How Thick Should the Glass Be?

The thickness of your bong glass is vital in choosing the perfect bong as a beginner. Bongs made from thicker glass- 3.5 to 7 mm- are essentially harder to break. There are various other materials used in making bongs such as acrylic, ceramic, and silicone.  

If your bong will be staying in one place, there is no need for thick material. If you intend to use it with friends or at parties where your bong might be used by several clumsy hands, then a thicker bong will be perfect.  

Is Percolation Necessary?

A percolator acts as a filtration process in a bong. Having a percolator on your bong makes the smoking experience smoother and reduces the bouts of coughing when you take a hit. It also cools the smoke, making hits easier to take in.

If you are a complete beginner at smoking cannabis, you may not initially favor the percolator because it gives an increased drag. This requires a more forceful inhalation which may be a task if you have delicate or low-capacity lungs.

Is It Easy to Clean?

The fewer moving parts a bong has, the easier it is to clean! Tar and resin residues will accumulate in the bong with time, which can affect the smoke’s flavor. As such, cleaning your bong often is strongly advised.

If multiple people use your bong, you will also want to clean it up as often as possible. Using devices that collect or trap the ash after a smoke session goes a long way in easing the cleaning of your bong.

Choosing The Perfect Bong from An Online Smoke Shop

Finding the perfect bong may take a few tries as you settle on what works best for your smoking experience. With evolving technology, new methods and add- ons will enter the market and might work better for you than the existing ones. 

Be open to trying different kinds of bongs and checking out more than one online smoke shop to find one that fulfills your ultimate cannabis smoking experience!


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