That’s right. We have to have the final say in whether or not a home is going to sell or not. This is why having a professional sell your home is important. A home is a big investment. You’ll never know what you’re going to get until you see it for yourself and you have a chance to look it over before you sign it. That’s why it’s important to have a home inspection.

One of the more common mistakes that new home sellers make is that they dont go over the inspection checklist with their buyer. Its a common mistake because it can make it seem like they dont care about the home. But they do. They care about it and they know what a home inspection is.

Its like an insurance policy. You have it on your life and you pay for it. You dont have to know exactly what it covers but you do have to know what its designed to protect. Most people dont take the time to do an inspection because they only know what they read on the internet. The Internet has a lot of misinformation that just might be wrong. It is important for the seller to be aware of it so that they can be sure the inspection they have completed is accurate.

The seller needs to get a home inspection done because a lot of these inspections are either false or misleading. When you are buying a new home you are buying the best thing in your life. You are not buying a new car or a vacation. You are buying the very best thing in your life. So you need to be fully aware that the inspection you go through is to protect your investment.

The inspection can be misleading. If there is a serious problem with your home’s condition, the inspector may just say, “Oh, the paint is fine. Good job,” or “I see no damage.” These are common statements that are often made by inspectors. If there is damage however, the inspector may say, “Oh, the paint is fine. Good job,” or “I see damage.

This is where the seller will use all his persuasion skills to try and get you to agree to what he thinks is the “final” inspection. This is where the seller will try to make it seem like the inspection is what you wanted. This is where the seller will try to make it appear like he is helping you through the process. This is where the seller will be lying.

In this final stage the inspector is going to talk to the seller and try to convince him that the inspection is what you wanted. If the inspector is a good inspector or if you really want something you can’t get otherwise, he will say, “Yes, I’m sure it’s fine. Let me have my inspector look over the damage and get back to you.” The seller may say you have to take him up on this offer.

In the end, a good inspector will tell the seller that the inspection is a waste of time, that everything looks fine, and that he should get the seller a new inspector. The seller might say, Well, ok. But I don’t need the inspector. I really just want you to leave my home.

This is what happens when the real estate agent is selling you a dream home. You get to choose what it is that you want. The inspector is there to help you decide what to get. If it is a house you want and its built to last, you will probably get a good inspector. If it is a condo or apartment that you dont want, it will go to get a good inspector.

And as the title suggests, the inspector will be there to help you decide what you want. The more you get clear about what you want, the better your inspector will be able to help you.


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