Security cameras have become a crucial element for any building or home. They are a key witness to accidents, vandalism, violence, and theft. The question most ask is where should video surveillance cameras go? Should they be hidden or visible? In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of finding the right place to put your security cameras.

Start off by buying excellent security cameras.

If you’re looking into raising the security of your office or home, you want to look for the best possible equipment out there. Verkada is a company that provides surveillance solutions to any business.

Verkada’s work extends to healthcare, offering video surveillance for hospitals in a day and age where security camera footage is a helpful tool for patient monitoring and making sure staff are sticking to best practices. Monitoring patients and doctors can provide visual evidence if there is ever a disagreement between a staff member and patient; Verkada surveillance video can watch patient movement and alert the staff should a patient fall, and video cameras can notify the security team if there is an emergency.

You never have to worry about storage of video data either if you enlist the help of cloud access storage that pairs well with Verkada’s state of the art technology.

What are the pros and cons of hiding security cameras?

There are pros and cons to both hiding and visibly mounting security cameras. Hiding the cameras can make them less visible to potential thieves, but it can also make it harder to monitor what is going on around your home. Visibly mounting the cameras can help deter thieves, but they may also be targeted by criminals.

When choosing where to place your security cameras, you need to consider what you want to monitor. Some people place cameras at all entrances and exits to their home, while others place them in specific areas like the front door or garage. You also need to make sure the cameras have a good view of the areas you want to monitor.

When installing security cameras, you need to decide what you want to happen when the camera detects motion. Some cameras will only record when they detect motion, while others will continuously record. You also need to decide how long you want the footage to be stored.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to hidden cameras. The main advantage is that they are less likely to be noticed and, therefore, can capture more footage. The main disadvantage is that they may not be as effective in capturing footage, as people may become suspicious if they see a camera that is not obviously a security camera.

You can use house plants to hide your cameras.


If you do decide to buy security cameras and hide them, a good way to hide them is by using plants and greenery. Plants are a great place to hide cameras because the leaves and stems can camouflage the device.

You want to look into a home plant delivery service like Lively Root that will not only offer you access to a variety of fresh flowers, outdoor plants, ad other plant varieties from their nursery but they also bring the plants to you with their delivery service. An excellent gift to yourself is to use their service to add beautiful décor to your home and also help defend your home by hiding your video cameras within them.

What should I consider when buying security cameras?

Security cameras come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You need to consider what you want to capture before you make your purchase.

Some factors you need to consider when choosing security cameras:

  • The location of the cameras
  • The weather conditions the cameras will be placed in
  • The lighting conditions of the area you’ll be placing your cameras
  • The type of camera you’re looking into for your home or office protection
  • The resolution of the cameras for the clear video footage
  • The recording storage of the cameras
  • The possibility of a mobile app to control the cameras from a safe place

Considering these things will help you decide not only where to place your cameras but also what type of cameras to buy to begin with.Whether you choose to hide your cameras or keep them visible, security cameras are a helpful tool. You can keep track of your staff, you can protect your home from theft and vandalism, and you can make sure your office employees are following company guidelines. Look into surveillance solutions today to prevent incidents in the future.


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