I love to write, but I love that I can write in the comfort of my own home. I get to be home with my coffee, my computer, and my dog.

And I love that there is one of those days I am home, and my dog is at the vet and that I am able to do my homework while I do it.

I love to write because I can write from my couch, but I love that I can now do my writing anywhere.I love that I can take my dog for a walk, I love that I can walk to the vet, and I love that I can do my homework while I’m doing it.

I’m not a medical professional (I was a college English professor, at least for a year) so I don’t have much in the way of experience writing in a medical journal, but I do have some advice for myself: Pick a nice, quiet, empty day. For me, that was on March 20, the day my sister called and told me I had to pick up my dog.

My dog. I’m not sure if its just me or if my dog is just too cute to be true.

I never understood why my mother would put me in the first grade. Her explanation was that she thought I was too smart to play with the other kids. I never understood how she could be so mean to her little sister, but she never seemed to get mad or even notice that she was being mean to me.

I remember my mother and my father arguing about it. It was always something about me being smart and my sister being dumb. It was never anything about the two of us being different. I was smart and my sister was dumb, always. And I always felt like this was the way things should be.

My parents were really strict about what my sister and I could do and say. We were always talking, playing games, having fun. But that didn’t mean I was going to treat my sister better. I guess I just needed to grow up a little bit. I tried to fight for her, to be more like her, because she was always so pretty and smart. But I couldn’t. I always had to be a good little boy.

Maybe that’s not the best way to grow up. Maybe being a good little boy meant not giving your sister (and other women) too much power in your life. Maybe that’s why she ended up alone in the suburbs, with an alcoholic father and a mother that hated her. Maybe that’s why she ended up alone in the suburbs, with an alcoholic father and a mother that hated her.


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