If you already know how to do something and it’s been done before it is time to make the next move, you can probably figure out how to do it. But, if you’re not sure, I’ve been told you have to keep doing it.

The five steps of a decision process are similar to a checklist, except that when it is done, the steps are shown. So if you find it difficult to keep going, you can always just walk away, and maybe keep going. The first step is the most important.

So many times when I do a webinar, I get asked to do step 1, then step 2, then step 3, but I never get to step 5. I’m always told its the last step that you make, especially since the last step is the most important step. So the first step is actually really easy.

The other two are just the most important, but are usually not. Step 5 is the most important.

It’s tempting to think that it’s just the “important” steps that you need to make. That’s not the case. The important steps are the ones that require the most thought, but the next important steps are really easy and don’t require very much thought.

The decision process is really easy, but the process itself can take up to 1,000 steps. So you can probably see why it would be hard to stick to a good process, but it doesnt have to be hard or even difficult. In fact, it can be quite effective in some cases.

Just remember this: The key to making a good decision is to make it first. You dont have to be 100% certain your choice is the right one, but you definitely dont want to go right when you dont want to go even slightly wrong. The most important thing is to make sure you have all the information you need before you begin. But dont be too concerned with putting it all in order. It will just confuse you.

Decisions are made all the time, even when they seem like they can be made in just a few seconds. So even though the information you want to use for a decision is in the right order, it doesnt have to be. There are situations where the best solution is the same as the one that is easiest to find or implement.

This is what I think I want to do. So I start by making a decision (or a decision that is easier to make) that I have to make. This is a very important decision.

I have to make a decision that I have to make. If I can just focus on the task at hand and see what I have to do, I think I will make a choice that I can accept. If I can focus on that task and figure out what I need to do to make that decision, then I can make the decision that I need to make. This is probably the easiest decision to make.


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