When gambling in a casino, a player wants to know that casinos are trustworthy and produce a certain standard of play. The players want to know that the casino house doesn’t cheat and the games are fair. Fact is, not all online casinos can offer what you want from your gaming experience. If you want to be sure about an online casino’s trustworthiness, it’s best to do business with one that has been blacklisted by trusted authorities in the gambling industry. There is a blacklist where you can verify a casino’s trustworthiness and credibility.

Here are things you need to know about Blacklisted online casinos Malaysia:

1. What is a blacklist?

Blacklisting is a process wherein online casinos that do not adhere to the basic principles of honesty, fairness, and reliability are denied the right to operate. It means that they cannot continue offering their services or even set up shop in places where gambling is legal. A blacklist could be based on any number of reasons, including failure to pay out bonuses, lack of licensing by trusted authorities like eCOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation & Assurance), cheating, etc.

2. Why is your casino blacklisted?

Regardless of where we play online, we need to know that games and payout systems are fair and reliable. We also want to know that our funds won’t be lost to any security breaches or other computer malfunctions within the casino. If a gambling site gets blacklisted, these things will no longer be possible for it. Most importantly, you can’t play at an online casino that violates the integrity of the games. Your money will never get to the players if it’s being tampered with in some way.

3. What is a white list?

Contrary to blacklisting, whitelisting is the process of ensuring that an operator complies with acceptable standards and can continue to offer its services. Some operators need more time to turn their operations around, but this is determined on a case-by-case basis. As such, some blacklisted casinos get the chance to get off the list if they can show that they’re capable of running businesses responsibly and without cheating. If you’re aware of an online casino that has been blacklisted but is able to prove itself and get off the list, you should play there without reservation.

4. Do you have to do anything for your online casino to be blacklisted?

No, there is no need for you to be involved in the decision-making process. Online casinos that are blacklisted are automatically placed on the list without any precondition. You can take advantage of all that these casinos offer even if they’re not on the list. Gambling experts and experts in online gaming say that blacklisting is set up to protect players from scam sites and dishonest operators. As such, it’s a good thing.

5. How will I know if they’re still operating?

If you’re wondering about what to do if your favorite casino has been blacklisted, rest assured that the chances of them continuing operations are very slim. This is a strong way for trustworthy casinos to protect themselves from dishonest players and online gambling cheats. You can never tell if a casino is on the blacklist by simply asking if they have been blacklisted. A person who has been blacklisted is required to inform his/her customers about the status of their casino. In addition, they cannot offer certain bonuses or modes of payment that are not approved by the authorities.

Keep yourself updated on these bold moves made by trusted authorities in the gambling industry and know the truth behind trusting a gambling site with your hard-earned cash.

On the other hand, it’s fair advice that you should always check with a trusted authority before placing bets at an online casino. The officials and experts in the gambling industry can tell you about any sites that have been blacklisted and those that haven’t been. It is not only applicable to online casinos but other gambling sites as well.


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