I’m a native of the northwoods. I have lived in my current home for several years now. I’ve learned so much from it and I am forever grateful for the incredible care that was given to me by my landlord, Bill Miller. He is my first real landlord and has been a great friend, neighbor, and business partner.

Bill has been there for me when I needed him most. I owe him a lot. In fact, he owes me a lot. But there is one thing I must add to Bill’s list of things to be grateful for. Because he is my landlord, Bill has been providing me with a lot of the finest, tastiest food available in the world. But Bill has also never missed a chance to make me feel welcome.

One of the things that I do so much in my free time is go to the best restaurants in the world and eat the very best food I can find. And Bill has always been there to provide that for me, as well. So my gratitude does not end with my landlords.

I’ve always been thankful for how he has always been there to bring me meals. And I think that’s one of the things I’ve most appreciated about Bill, is how open he has always been about sharing his food with me.

It’s a wonder how our food tastes and tastes good. We all know how good a plate of spaghetti looks with cheese, and we all know how good a plate of pasta with meat looks without the cheese. I think it’s because of this that I think our food tastes so good. When our meals taste good, I know my body is doing most of the cooking and I can relax and enjoy my meal.

This is one of the reasons I love Bill’s cooking so much and why he is such a great cook. He cooks with so much love and sincerity that I can’t help but feel like I’m eating the best meal ever. He knows exactly how to make his food taste good and that makes it taste more amazing. It’s pretty amazing that his cooking is as healthy and delicious as it is. There’s a reason I’ve been going out with him for six months now.

It just so happens that Bill can cook for a very healthy and clean-living crowd. It’s just that my body has become a little too used to the way I eat. I’m not talking about my liver or my skin or whatever, but it’s about my stomach being able to function in the same way it once did. My body, like most people, likes to eat clean and fresh. As a result, I’ve been struggling to eat good food with any consistency.

Of course this is all very silly. But with the exception of Bill’s cooking and a few other things, you’d think that the rest of my diet would be good. Wrong. Well, except for some of the fruits and veggies. Some of the fruits don’t taste very good at all, while the veggies sometimes taste like they’ve been exposed to a lot of poison.

Apparently my body has always been somewhat picky and can’t handle the stuff that is good for it. Like most people, I can’t digest meat and dairy at the same time. So I need to find a way to eat the good stuff without having to sacrifice the bad. Well, I tried a vegetarian diet. It didn’t work.

Well, it didn’t really work, at least not for me. The problem was that the vegetarian diet did not allow me to easily digest non-meat proteins (like eggs or cheese). The result was that I had a lot of gas, and my body wasn’t capable of absorbing all the nutrients I was supposed to.


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