Men and women love their fashion accessories. Today, hats have become one of the famous fashion accessories which are both stylish and functional. Adding your favorite hat to your collection adds a bit to your responsibility. Besides sporting it with style, you also need to take care of it well and store it to stay in good shape for a long time. 

A leather outback hat is a famous hat variant amongst hat connoisseurs and is an excellent hat to sport in all seasons.  Whether it’s the rain or the scorching sun rays, you will always be comfortable with this hat. However, it is essential to follow a few tips to take good care of it, and it keeps looking new. 

  • Take care of the way you must put it on

You shouldn’t squeeze the front part of the hat as you put it on. It can make the hat lose its shape, create a sharp crease on the leather surface and damage it. If you tug the brim to ensure that the hat is secure, it might also change the brim style. 

  • It would help if you kept your hat clean

Even though your leather outback hat gets treated, it might develop stains if you are careless. And more often than not, these stains will be challenging to remove. You need to get cautious and keep the hat away from all kinds of oil-based products, food, and make-up. There might be accidental spills on the hat. If that happens, make sure that you immediately wipe your hat surface using a soft, damp cloth. And if you find that the stain is difficult to remove, you can opt-in for a leather cleanser. 

You can get it from a department store or a local shoe shop. Once you have used the leather cleanser, you can replenish the protective layer of the hat using a leather protector spray. You can also source it from the department stores and the local shoe shops. In case your hat gets soaked, you should leave it so that it gets dry naturally. Refrain from using heat to dry the hat, as it can shrink the leather, changing the size and making it difficult for you to put on the hat. 

  • Get the tears repaired

Usually, the most common damage that occurs in leather outback hats are scratches. If you want, you can use a leather dye to cover it if it’s light. You can also see it as a hat feature that adds a specific rustic worn-in edge to it. However, if there are any tears, you need to use the leather repair kit. It usually comprises a liquid adhesive that comes in many colors. You can clean your hat thoroughly using leather cleaner and then let it completely dry. It is essential as any surface oil or dirt might come in the way of the glue sticking well. 

Hence, make sure that you select a glue of the correct color and then apply it to the region where you find the torn leather. You might also require a person to hold your leather tight as you use the glue. As the glue dries, you can take a fine sandpaper piece and also eliminate any extra glue. It is essential to exercise care and caution when you are doing this. Else, it might cause the leather to scratch. You should clean the surface again using a leather cleasner to remove the extra glue and dry it. 

Guidelines to store your leather outback hat

The way you store your leather outback hat will be instrumental in preventing several hat issues. Here are a couple of guidelines that you need to follow:

  • The hat experts suggest that you store your hat in a dry and cool area so that it’s not in contact with direct sunlight. 
  • Don’t keep the hat in places with extra moisture, such as in a closet close to the bathroom. 
  • Do you stay at a dusty place? If yes, you need to buy a hatbox. Make sure to cover your hat with a cloth garment bag or cotton sheet. 
  • Make sure to keep the plastic bags inside the bag when you store your hat. It’s because plastic can capture the moisture inside and result in mildew. Hence, the hatbox is the ideal choice for keeping so that there is no mold formation. 
  • Ask your hat maker about guidelines for storing the leather outback hat. 

When you purchase your hat, it has the added responsibility of taking good care of it. And if you want that your hat should last you well for a decade or more, you need to pay close attention to the pointers discussed above. Following these guidelines will ensure that your hat looks good and appears new each time you put it on. 


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