A guide to selling Abbonamento Vino in your store. 

There are many different factors that go into getting your customers to buy an Abbonamento Vino. Consult the below list that includes information about pricing, marketing, and displaying in order to be successful. 

Pricing: Prices for this wine typically range from $87-$110 per month, depending on the type of wine package you’re selling. A higher price is necessary if you want a monthly shipment of luxury or expensive wines like champagne or red wine.

Marketing: A successful marketing campaign involves a lot of different aspects, including advertising, word of mouth, and loyalty programs. If you want to sell this wine through your website or email list then the best way to do that is with a newsletter or some type of subscription. 

Display: The display of the Abbonamento Vino in your store will depend on what types of wines you’re selling and how they’re displayed in the store. For example, if you sell more expensive premium wines then it’s very important to have a raised glass shelf, while if you want customers to see them more easily on a tapas cart then it’s best to use glassware.

With that out of the way, here are the most important points from the Abbonamento Vino content page:

Promote Abbonamento Vino Prominently

Be Specific About The Benefits Of Buying Abbonamento Vino

Consider Discounts and Add a Tip

Consider a Gift Card as an Alternative to a Gift Box. Give away Gift Cards at Surprises, or as Treats or Rewards for Special Occasions. You can also give away gift cards as part of an incentive program for new customers.

For non-wine products, you could include a “Buy One Get One Free” deal with the price of the monthly wine package. And if you’re selling prepared meals, consider offering ” Buy One Get One Free” with your food items because it will help promote your product and your wine package.

Consider discounts, especially if they are linked to your Abbonamento Vino. For example, reduced pricing in the middle of the month is a great way to get customers to buy before the next shipment arrives. And if you have a loyalty program for people who have already purchased your wine packages then consider rewarding them with a discount in return for their continued business/loyalty.

Consider a Tip as an Alternative to a Gift Box. Tips are often the most affordable, and most appreciated for an Abbonamento Vino wine package or other product.

Consider stocking preferred stores with Abbonamento Vino wine packages so that it’s easier for customers to purchase them from your store. Because this product is subscription-based, the easier you make the purchase, the more likely it is that customers will continue to buy from you.

Get creative with your product display. Use different kinds of glasses and displays to showcase your wines in different ways, and change them out on a weekly basis if possible.

Consider a monthly wine club for your customers, where they receive a different type of wine every month. This is especially good if it’s good quality, and popular with your customers.

Consider offering discounts or giving free samples to potential clients who are thinking about purchasing your Abbonamento Vino.

Offer a specific discount – such as 10% for first-time purchasers. This will help you increase the number of people who buy the Abbonamento Vino and will help you to expand your client base.

Consider a subscription program. In order to sell Abbonamento Vino, you’ll need to have a reliable source of new customers. Subscription programs provide a steady flow of customers who will buy your wine after their first month and become repeat clients over time.

Consider a loyalty program. It’s a good way to keep existing clients coming back for more Abbonamento Vino and building your brand as well as your business. 

Consider rotating your wine packages or having them come from different locations every month so that they’re not all being received at once by the same customers.


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