Hemp and CBD products are becoming well-known in different target markets. You find products ranging from holistic medication, sustainable hemp clothing, and even CBD supplements and treats for pets like CBD soft chews for dogs, hemp seed oil, hemp treats, etc. 

Every pet owner knows the importance of their dog’s health and the ingredients play a big role in maintaining their nutrition intake. So, talking especially about CBD products, there are many questions surrounding what the best supplements are out there and how would they benefit your dog’s health.

How to Pick the Best Supplements and Treats

Choosing the best products for your dog will have to taste good and be nutritious. From a health aspect, it is best to use products specifically developed for dogs. If you have a puppy, look for products formulated specifically for them. 

You won’t be able to use treats or supplements designed for older dogs, as they would address their senior issues such as joint pain, digestion issues, etc. 

If you’re a conscious consumer and sustainability is a priority, research and find organic CBD and hemp products that are developed using ethical practices, are an eco-friendly brand that uses high-quality ingredients. 

Do not purchase dog treats containing GMOs, artificial coloring, and preservatives. Many problems may arise causing side effects caused due to the poor quality of the ingredients. 

If your dog has food allergies, be cautious of the ingredients being used. Some hemp and CBD treats may contain oat flour, wheat, beef, bacon, pork, and dairy, all of which may trigger an allergy. 

If your dog has a sensitive stomach, look for products that contain sweet potato, venison, flaxseed, or fish. These ingredients are known to be tolerable by the gut and also have nutritional benefits.  

Another aspect that you should take into consideration is how the CBD/hemp treat will be given to your dog. If it’s a supplement like a hemp tablet, it can be hidden in other treats or peanut butter. Supplements in the form of hemp seed oil can be incorporated into your dog’s food or given to them orally as well. 

You can use soft chews for dogs or hemp treats to reward your dog after they perform a trick or follow directions, this simultaneously supports their health. 

Here are how the supplements and treats benefit your four-legged-friend:

Supports joint issues: The discomfort caused by common joint pains and injuries can be supported by the healing properties of CBD and hemp. Studies show that products containing omega fatty acids help reduce discomfort and supports inflammatory responses. 

Hemp and CBD contain anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and pressure on the joints, hence, improving your dog’s mobility and discomfort. 

Aids with allergies: Dogs too get seasonal allergies, just as humans do, that causes sneezing, skin irritation, itching, and wheezing. Hemp seed oil has hydrating properties and helps to relieve itchy skin. 

Skin irritation can be reduced by the fatty acids and lipids present in hemp seed oil. Supplements and treats contribute to shinier and healthier coats and boost immunity.

Anti-anxiety: One of CBD and hemp’s main benefits is that it helps to soothe and calm anxiety and stress in dogs in case of being separated from you or not handling social situations well. Studies show, when observed by vets, that these treats help to improve anxiety in dogs in 75% of their cases. 


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