Teeth grinding is a challenging oral problem that causes discomfort and pain. Teeth grinding can result in discomfort and issues that affect the health of the teeth and the overall oral health. Also known as bruxism, it is unconscious, and an individual would rarely notice doing it.

However, how long the grinding guards last depends on their specifications, maintenance, customization, and the individual’s responsibility to care for the guards to prolong their service life.

Symptoms of Teeth Grinding

The symptoms may include occasional headaches, clenching of the jaws, painful tooth sensitivity, and chipped teeth. However, using teeth grinding guards prevents cases of grinding in the mouth.

What is Teeth Grinding Guard?

These are aligning medical accessories placed on the teeth to offer protection hence maintaining the health of the teeth. They are of varying descriptions and specifications and can be bought or customized by a professional dentist to fit the patient’s needs.

In most cases, these grinding guards can last between two years and ten years on average, and this period is dependent on the severity of the grinding issues and other options offered by the oral dentist.

Specifications of the Grinding Guards

Teeth grinding guards are in different specs based on the teeth’ orientation in an individual’s mouth. Other individuals have teeth arrangements that range from small-sized to large-sized. In addition, teeth grinding problems can occur in children and adults; hence the grinding guard is designed with specs that apply to both categories of people.

More so, the comfort of the grinding guards while placed in the mouth is a significant consideration when designing the specs. These specifications range from short or longer diameter guards, durable layered guards, and soft grinding guards.

Customization of the Grinding Guard

Teeth grinding guards can be purchased from an approved online pharmaceutical store or made by a professional oral dentist to fit the individual’s desires. Additionally, custom-made guards are of higher quality than online store guards.

The customization process involves different stages. The dentist will create a customized guard by taking the overall design of your teeth and sending a sample to the dental lab for customization. Generally, customized guards offer better protection and performance and easily fit better.

Maintenance of the Grinding Guards

Maintenance is a significant factor in determining how long the teeth grinding guard can last. It involves several activities that an individual should perform to ensure better performance and quality of the grinding guard. These steps include:

  • Regularly clean the grinding guard with warm water immediately after wearing it to cleanse any impurities stuck in the guard.
  • Placing the grinding guard on a clean surface to prevent dust and moisture contamination
  • Performing a regular deep cleansing of the guard by use of vinegar or hydrogen peroxide


The placing of grinding guards can deal with teeth grinding disorders. However, in the case of extreme cases, more dental consultations should be considered. The quality of maintenance and care of the teeth grinding guard determines its performance abilities and its service time.


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