Funeral plans often include the need for coffins or caskets. It’s not every day that you need to understand the differences between the two, so it’s understandable if you aren’t sure of what exactly makes them distinct from one another. However, it is essential to know that there are attributes that distinguish one from the other.

Although you may hear suppliers mention coffins and caskets interchangeably, these differences are significant when it comes time to purchase. In addition to shape differences, there are also price differences. The materials used for the build of the structures also play a role in the pricing. 

To form a clearer understanding of the differences between coffins and caskets, you can learn about basic differences in shape, price, and material. Here is some information on these characteristics and what you can expect to find for sale. If you’re tending to the needs of a funeral and need to find coffins for sale, read on for more information.

Differences In Shape: Coffins For Sale

If you need to find coffins for sale or caskets specifically for a funeral, it is important that you visually be able to separate one from the other. Generally, coffins for sale are wider and contain more angles than caskets. Coffins can also be considered the more traditional style for burials, as caskets have become more modern over time. 

Sides And Accessories 

Coffins have six sides, as opposed to the four sides on caskets. The face of the coffin is wider than the bottom of it and is created this way to best conform to the human shape. You may also notice that coffins have removable lids, and caskets only have lids that contain hinges, like a case for a musical instrument. 

The General Pricing

Coffins also do not need as much material as caskets, so they are generally less expensive. How significantly the coffin is tapered will influence how much it sells for. If you need to save money, it may be in your best interest to choose a casket, as you won’t need to pay as much for transportation or the construction as you would for coffins for sale.  

The Construction Materials 

Most coffins for sale are made from wood. The interior is covered with cloth. Most caskets are made from metal or wood and, like coffins, are covered with cloth. If you have not yet decided on burial or cremation ceremonies, know that caskets can be used for both purposes

Spot Differences Quickly 

The easiest way to tell the differences between the two types is by the number of sides it has and its shape. If you see more sides and a more significant tapering, you’re most likely looking at coffins for sale. If you see rails for transportation, you’re looking at a casket. 

Find The Best Accommodations 

Now that you know the basic differences, you can find what you need for your funeral plans. Consider the above differences between caskets and coffins as you shop for the best accommodations.


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