What do you know about the Bible and God?

Are you sure that he’s real? How can we be so sure when there are many people who don’t believe in him? In this blog post, I will attempt to answer these questions. 

The Bible (both the Old Testament and New Testament) are full of writings about God. They describe his attributes, what he has done for us in the past, how we can have a relationship with him now, and what will happen when Jesus returns to earth.

child, reading, bible @ Pixabay

The New Testament is especially illuminating .

Because it talks extensively about who Jesus is–the Son of God–and includes personal encounters between Jesus and several people during his life on earth.

These accounts give an eyewitness testimony that confirms that Christ was alive at one time! In addition to these tangible proofs from scripture, there’s also historical evidence such as archaeological findings confirming many biblical events including King David’s existence; Solomon being king over Israel; Judah being taken.


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