It’s difficult to know what to do when you’re in a situation where your ex is dating someone new. You may be wondering if there are any laws in place that can help protect your child from being exposed to their new partner.

In this post, we’ll discuss the rights of an unmarried co-parent and how they might affect your ability to stop visitation with a new romantic interest. As you read this post, keep in mind that these laws may not apply to all states.

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You should also consult with a lawyer about your specific case before making any decisions or taking any actions. These posts are designed solely for informational and educational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.

Excerpt: States have left co-parents free to decide on visitation rights regardless of the marital status of each parent for decades now, but it has been unclear how unmarried parents can limit visits from new partners if they feel like their child is being exposed to relationship dynamics they don’t want them involved in.

The answer lies in state law and whether or not there’s an agreement between the two parties setting out expectations when it comes to parenting time.


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