Can I put fabric softener in the bleach dispenser?

This is a question that many people have asked themselves. For some reason, dish soap and bleach look very similar to one another, which could be why this question often arises. However, you cannot use fabric softener with your bleach for these reasons:

1) Fabric softener will not clean as well and

2) It can cause clogs or residue buildup in your pipes and/or machines.

The first reason that you should not mix these two products together is that fabric softener will not clean as well when mixed with the bleach product.

The second reason being that it can cause clogs or residue build up in your pipes and/or machines if they are used together.

laundry, clothes line, clothesline @ Pixabay

Additionally, if you have a clothes washer that has fabric softener loaded in the dispenser and it is mixed with your bleach which will not clean as well, then this can cause clogging or residue build-up within the machine.

You should also avoid putting any type of laundry soap into your dishwasher because there are some detergents on the market today that work better for both purposes than others and maybe more diluted to wash dishes instead of clothes!



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