Peppermint is a powerful spice.

It can be used to make many delicious dishes. Did you know that peppermint is also great for your health?

Peppermint improves digestion, soothes sore muscles, and helps relieve stress. It has been said that peppermint’s refreshing scent may even improve your mood!

If you are looking for some new recipes and ways to enjoy this wonderful herb, then read on below!

leaf, mint, herb @ Pixabay

-Pour a tablespoon of peppermint extract into some water and drink it as soon as you wake up.

This will help to improve your mood, soothe sore muscles, and start the day off right!

Sugar Cookie Peppermint Treats Recipe:

For this recipe you’ll need sugar cookie dough, red gel food coloring, powdered sugar for dusting (optional), peppermint extract or candy canes for rolling cookies in before baking. Make the dough according to package instructions but leave out any eggs or flavorings.

Add red gel food coloring until desired color is obtained then roll each ball in either finely crushed mint candies or sprinkles after being rolled in flour first. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit on ungreased sheets about 12


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