One of the best times to harvest plants is when they are flowering.

This is because it’s easier to tell if you’re ready or not and it’s also easy to find the buds that are in the right condition for harvesting.

But what if your plant doesn’t flower?

pink, cherry blossoms, flowers @ Pixabay

Or what if you don’t want to wait until then?

Here, we’ll teach you how to properly harvest from a non-flowering plant! -Look for dense, resinous growth on the plant.

This is a sign that it’s ready to be harvested! -Separate the leaves from your harvest by cutting them off with scissors or clipping them with shears.

If you’re harvesting just one branch at a time and are trimming away excess foliage, use sharp clean pruning shears to get straight cuts that look neat and tidy once dried.

You don’t want any jagged edges poking out after they’ve been cured because this can harbor mold.

Spores which will cause problems down the road when trying to break up these buds into usable pieces of marijuana.

The more trimmed down (in terms of height) your plants are before being cut down.


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