Memes are all the rage these days.

In fact, if you’re on Facebook or Instagram at all, chances are that you’ve seen a meme or two before. But what makes them so popular?

Is it their humorous nature? Perhaps it’s because they make us feel better about our lives by reminding us that we’re not alone in what we think and feel?

fawkes, fawkes mask, guy @ Pixabay

Whatever the reason for their popularity, memes have become an integral part of today’s internet culture.

And while there is no shortage of memes to choose from, one stands out among the rest: “can I get an amen?”

The phrase stems from a video made by comedian Kevin Hart in which he asks his followers to say “amen” to him before giving thanks for what they have.

The video went viral on social media and has been parodied countless times since its release, with multiple variations of the phrase used across various platforms.

The majority of people who post “can I get an amen?”

Memes do so in order to express their exhaustion over a particular subject or person; for example, many individuals will use it when referencing how tired they are from traveling for work or school purposes. Others might simply be feeling burned out after having someone constantly nag them about doing something that is not necessarily high on their priority list (e.g., getting off Facebook). And while some may say that these memes provide nothing more than temporary relief, others would argue that they can actually help bolster our mental health by revealing


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