You’ve probably heard the name Drake before. He is a Canadian rapper who has been successful in music for years now. Recently, he launched his latest album and it was an instant hit with fans everywhere.

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This post will discuss how to use SoundCloud as a marketing tool to reach these Drake fans and get them interested in your music! SoundCloud is an online music streaming site that allows you to upload your own songs and share them with the world. This can be a great way of getting your name out there as people are able to find your content for free on SoundCloud!

You have two options: either share it privately or make it public, which means anyone will be able to like and comment on your track. Either way, uploading good quality content onto Soundcloud should not only help gain new fans but also get you more exposure in general through promoting yourself! -There’s no need to spend tons of money when using this strategy; just create some tracks from home or download free samples if needed – don’t forget about collaborating with others too!


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