Tomatoes are a popular fruit in the United States. They can be eaten raw, cooked into dishes, or even turned into sauces for pasta dishes. If you’re wondering whether our furry friends (hamsters) can enjoy this fruity delight as well, then read on!

tomatoes, fruit, food @ Pixabay

This article will answer your question “Can hamsters eat tomatoes?” and provide you with some interesting facts about these red vegetables. Hamsters can eat tomatoes, but only if they are cooked first.

You have to be careful when preparing this food for your pet because it is poisonous in its raw form and contains toxins called glycoalkaloids that hamsters cannot digest properly.

However, cooking the fruit eliminates these harmful substances by breaking down their chemical structure or “cooking them out.”

This also means you need to make sure not to feed your furry friend any dishes containing uncooked tomato sauce since those ingredients will still contain glycoalkaloids.

Did you know? Hamsters originally come from Syria (close proximity to Turkey) where they live on a diet mainly consisting of seeds, roots, nuts and other vegetation such as berries. 


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