Many people find their cute little pet hamster to be a delightful addition to the family. But, they may not know that these furry friends enjoy more than just sunflower seeds and carrots! Many owners don’t know that hamsters can eat walnuts too! In this blog post, we will talk about whether or not your favorite fuzzy friend likes walnuts and how you can feed them with healthy snacks like walnuts.

walnuts, dump, spill @ Pixabay

If your hamster is a Syrian, this type of pet can eat walnuts. The only additional requirement for feeding them walnuts will be to make sure they have enough water so that the hard food doesn’t hurt their teeth! For other types of hamsters such as Campbells Russian Dwarf Hamsters and Roborovski Hamsters, it may not be safe to feed them walnut pieces because these rodents are less likely to chew on large chunks.

When you open up an airtight container where you store nuts in the fridge, don’t forget about your furry friend’s needs too by placing some out on a plate or leaving whole ones in their cage. If you want to go all-out with providing healthy treats.


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