There are many misconceptions about what hamsters can and cannot eat. Hamsters, like humans, have different dietary needs that depend on their species and age. Some hamster owners might think they need a special diet to prevent obesity or other health problems but this simply isn’t the case! This blog post will discuss whether or not hamsters can eat peanuts as well as why you shouldn’t worry too much about your pet’s diet.

peanuts, shell, food @ Pixabay

Can hamsters eat peanuts? 

Hamsters can eat a variety of foods including vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. However, they cannot survive on these items alone as the diet doesn’t provide all the nutrients that are essential to their well being. Why shouldn’t you worry too much about your pet’s diet?  We’ve been told since we were young that it is important to maintain healthy eating habits or else we will become obese or develop other health problems. Our own parents might have forced us to finish our plate even if we didn’t want more food! This was especially true for children who were expected to be seen and not heard in most households up until fairly recently in history. 


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