When I was a kid, my mom always told me that hamsters couldn’t eat cantaloupe. She said it would cause stomach problems and even death. But is this true? Can hamsters eat cantaloupe? To answer these questions we need to understand how the digestive system of the average pet hamster works. The digestive system of the average pet hamster is designed to efficiently extract nutrients from plant material through a process called “chewing.” When chewing, food particles are broken down by grinding teeth and saliva. The salivary enzymes in a hamsters mouth help break down large molecules into smaller ones that can then be digested by stomach acid. This means that cantaloupe would not cause any problems for your furry friend–unless it was stuffed with poison or something else toxic! But how does this specifically apply to my hamster? Well, if you want to add some fresh fruit (like chopped up cantaloupe) as part of your rodent’s diet, there should be no issue doing so. It might seem like


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