In the wake of so many scandals and questionable behavior, it’s no wonder that a lot of people are asking themselves this question. But what exactly does “ethics” mean? Ethics is essentially how you behave morally in your professional or personal life, often making decisions based on what is right and wrong. However, ethics can be taught to children as well as adults – even if it’s not an official class! Having conversations with your children about ethics and how to behave appropriately can help them become better people. When you talk to them about what’s right or wrong, they may be more likely to act in a certain way themselves as time goes on. This is because when we’re younger, our brain isn’t fully developed yet – so it becomes easier for us to imitate the behavior of others. Kids are also very impressionable at this age! Teaching kids specific lessons that relate directly to ethics will give them an advantage over other students who haven’t had these experiences before entering adulthood. For example: if a child knows what constitutes sexual harassment at early ages, then he or she would know not partake in such behaviors once older and without being


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