It is well known that enzymes are proteins that have a specific function in the body. They can be found in many different places, including our stomach and saliva. There are also enzymes present when we digest food because they break down complex molecules into simpler ones so that they can be absorbed by our bodies. The use of enzymes has been increasing as people try to find more ways to recycle natural resources, like water and energy . In the recycling process, enzymes are used to break down long chains of polymers into shorter molecules. The broken-down material is then turned back into new products using a variety of methods including distillation and molding. This makes it easier for materials like plastic bottles to be recycled in such a way that they can look new again without harming our planet’s environment . There are many types of enzymes available on the market today with different functions depending on what we need them for. Some common uses include food processing; wood pulping, where cellulose fibers become soft so they can be made into tissue paper or rayon; cleaning laundry by removing stains from fabric; and breaking down milk proteins which can help people who have lact


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