Successfully establishing a brand new garden depends on some factors, including size, timing, irrigation, sort of seed, weed competition, and location. Getting a garden set up on steep slopes, hillsides, and different hard-to-reach places may be challenging. Not handiest can they be hard to access, but you also are coping with soil erosion and washout.  A hydroseeding machine may be a great alternative to setting down sod in those instances. 

What is Hydroseeding?

In this all-encompassing method, seeds, fertilizers, tree coverings, soil supplements, grasses, stabilizers, and various moisture absorbers are sprayed into the ground with a single shot and fed to a pump attached to the tank holding the mixture.

The straw, sometimes polymers and similar components creating a slushy blend, keep the seed and fertilizer in the region and the soil moist. If you handiest unfold seed and fertilizer, you want to gently rake it, roll it, and unfold straw however it won’t stick to the soil as the hydroseeding blend does.

What Are the Ingredients of a Hydroseeding Mixture?

In addition to seed, fertilizer, and mulch, different elements are often introduced to the hydroseeding mixture.

To help to maintain the other elements together and make the slurry stick with the soil, a tackifier is added. The tackifier consists of powdered or granular glue.


For sites that can be very hard to access, it’s far better to feature a slow-release fertilizer with the hydroseeding blend instead of fertilizing after the grass seed has germinated.

Soil Amendments

Before venturing any hydroseeding, it’s far important that you do a soil take a look at to discover what precisely the soil wishes for a hit lawn establishment. Things like lime and gypsum are common additions.

When you publish a soil pattern to a laboratory, ensure to specify which you are making plans to develop a garden so you will obtain specific recommendations for soil amendments and fertilizer formulations.


Different forms of mulch are used in hydroseeding, starting from natural substances such as wood chips, paper, or cardboard mulch, to herbal or artificial paper mill sludge. The mulches range in rate and performance.

Hydroseeding Benefits

Compared to standard garden seeding, hydroseeding has the advantage that it’s far all done in a single fell swoop. Hydroseeding comes with the mulch already in the blend, which helps grass seed germination and produces a greater uniform lawn.

After laying down sod, it wishes common and heavy watering to get it set up, plus mulching and fertilizing. In hydroseeding, the mulch in the blend holds the moisture so whilst the rising grass wishes to be watered regularly, it won’t want watering as intensely as sod. It also means that there can be a reduced lack of grass seed because of washout.

Hydroseeding Disadvantages

Because you typically need to rent an expert for hydroseeding, it’ll be considerably more expensive than laying seed yourself.

Sod, instead of hydroseeding, offers you instant results. As a domestic gardener, you could lay down sod yourself, all it calls for is the right installation, provided that the site has been safely prepared.


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