If you want to start a new event, then promoting it should be your priority. You need to get the word out as quickly and as broadly as possible. Letting people know about your event is the only way that it’s going to succeed. Without a good promotion, even the most talented comic will find himself performing to an empty room.

You’ve already written a killer manifesto, now it’s time to get the word out! Here are some tips for getting your event more recognition:

1. Advertise in local print and online media. To keep costs down, you might want to share advertising costs with other open mic events in your area. Another option is to offer your open mic volunteers an hour of time at the mic if they help you out with the ad design and submission process. You could also put together a compilation CD of local artists and give it away as part of a local newspaper’s entertainment insert.

2. Publish a schedule of upcoming events on a website such as Open Mic Network

3. Make sure you have a good amount of advertising in your local music venue, too.

4. Put together an application for admission to your event, put it on Facebook, and make sure your friends know about the event so that people can RSVP. You should also make sure that people are following you on Twitter and subscribing to the event’s RSS feed so they know when it’s happening.

5. Promote the event on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms.

How should an open mic event be advertised?

In the beginning, it’s better to generate a lot of interest for the event rather than spending a lot on advertising. Choose one or two venues where you know people will be and put up flyers to let them know about your open mic. Make sure that you use a flyer maker to create print content. Your flyers should have complete contact information so that people can call you with questions if needed.

Is there any other way to promote an open mic?

There are many online communities that are dedicated to open mics and their volunteers. These include OpenMicNetwork, Stage Stars, and others. You should join these communities and post about your upcoming event.

How important is the location of the event?

An ideal location is one that has high traffic and people who are free during your open mic time. After all, you want people to come in and see a show that they otherwise would not be able to attend. If there is a restaurant or coffee shop nearby that stays open late, it makes for great after-hours entertainment. However, if you’re starting off, it’s not always easy for people to find a place that will agree to have an open mic night. You may need to limit this part of your promotion in the beginning as well.

How often should open mics be held?

When it comes to timing, most people suggest a weekly schedule. If you have a group of regulars who are willing to host the open mic from night to night, then try out this plan. However, if you have some comedians who are specializing in other venues, then your open mic might need to be more flexible. You may need to rotate the hosting duties among several people or even limit the time for hosting each week so that everyone gets equal time on stage. It’s often suggested that an evening event is better than a late afternoon event because there is less competition and more people are available.

Does it make sense to advertise the open mic on social networking sites?

Yes. In fact, it is a great way to spread the word. However, you should always include your contact information when you are posting about the event. It’s also worth noting that posters and flyers are an important part of promoting an open mic, too.

Is there any chance for profit by having an open mic?

Yes. The main goal of most hosts is to create an interactive environment that brings out the creative artistic nature of anyone who comes through the door. You can also use your open mic to build a group of loyal listeners. Some performers may even be willing to donate money to the host’s charity or other causes in exchange for getting stage time.

Does it make sense to promote the open mic on social networking sites?

Yes. In fact, it is a great way to spread the word. However, you should always include your contact information when you are posting about the event. It’s also worth noting that posters and flyers are an important part of promoting an open mic, too. 

Should I use videos to promote my open mic?

Yes. Video advertising arguably works better than image content as it’s easier to notice from the crowd. If you’re low on budget, use a custom slideshow maker to create your own slideshow videos. The best part is, you don’t need to be a design expert to make the slideshow. Anyone can do it. 

How can you promote an open mic in an unconventional way?

If you’re hosting an event in your own home, then you could use this as a way to keep your friends entertained while they are there so that they might be more likely to continue visiting. You can also try to employ special effects, such as using smoke and mirrors to transform your home into a club. Another great way to get people in the door is by having a restaurant manager give out gift certificates at the end of an open mic.

What is the best time of day for hosting an open mic?

It’s best to host an evening event so that you have more of a chance for people to attend. If you are planning on holding your open mic sporadically, then you should simply go with what works for you and other comedians who will be performing. Try not to be too rigid about this though because it can interfere with the flow of your event.

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