Sedentary lifestyles have become a nuisance in modern Singapore, and the need to exercise has become as essential as ever. And thanks to the massive awakening to adopt fit and healthy living recently, more people are pouring out into the gyms to keep fit. But while at it, comfort while working out should be your utmost priority. That means opting for the right gear, including cozy gym T-shirts. Here’s what you should look for in an ideal gym T-shirt.

1. Sweat-Wicking Ability

As you work out, you pour loads of sweat as your body tries to regulate heat. Therefore, there’s the possibility of chafing and bacteria build-up, causing a stench that won’t be comfortable for others and even for you. Usually, the best workout T-shirts keep your skin as dry as possible, wicking away sweat without absorbing it as it transfers moisture to the atmosphere. If possible, please avoid cotton T-shirts as they’re irritatingly poor at wicking sweat. Instead, try some polyester, nylon, or spandex T-shirt for a worthwhile gym experience.

2. Fitting Size

Your T-shirt’s size usually matters for both your comfort and safety. Perhaps, baggy T-shirts might appear in fashion, but they can be more harmful than good. You’re likely to get entangled in a gym machine with an extra loose T-shirt, which can compromise your safety. Besides, it could easily immobilize you, making your body stretches incredibly strenuous. Hence, the best workout T-shirts should be fitting and marginally gripping but stretchy to allow for some flexibility. Before getting a gym T-shirt from an apparel store, please try it out to ascertain that it is a perfect fit.

3. Comfort

Your T-shirt’s fabric matters a lot when it comes to giving you maximum body comfort. Remember that you’re going to move about a lot, and there’s an incredible chance that you’ll irritate your skin if your shirt has some tough fabric. You don’t want to be cringing with discomfort every time you move about due to chaffing, so try to be wise in your fabric options. If possible, avoid T-shirts having a large spandex percentage but don’t go for cotton regardless, even if it doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

4. Tech-Smart T-Shirts

Try moving with technology because that’s where comfort – and of course, safety – is. You can easily find T-shirts having anti-microbial treatment mechanisms to combat body odors or others having infused ultra-violet protection for your field workout sessions. Also, the best workout T-shirts are all-around. They feature luminescent strips to keep you visible during the late evening workouts or have chrysanthemums to repel insects during your hiking.

5. Durability

You’ll want the best value for your money, and while comfort should be your priority, be sure to choose durable gym apparel. The best workout T-shirts last longer, offering you’re a lengthy period of use. Of course, value comes at a price, but it’ll be worth splashing a fortune on a durable gym T-shirt than opting for a cheap one that lasts a short while.


Choosing an ideal gym T-shirt can be mind-boggling, especially if you don’t know what to look for. However, if you prioritize your comfort, you’re sure to bag the best gym T-shirt for more productive workouts. If possible, go for some sweat-wicking, tech-advanced, durable gym T-shirts for more enjoyable workout sessions.


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