Back pain is a common problem for many people these days. There are numerous sources of low back pain, including ligament tension, torn tails, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis. Different methods have been invented and put into practice to alleviate this agony.

There are modern ways to palliate pain in the shortest possible time. These strategies include a wedge-like device specially designed to push the lumbar spine vertically to assuage affliction. 

A lumbar traction wedge is among the methods harnessed to attenuate back pain. Here are some reasons why the lumbar traction wedge is the best option for back pain. 

Why Lumbar Traction Wedge is the Best Option for Back Pain

1. The Lumbar Traction Wedge Uses Infrared Light

The first reason why a lumbar traction wedge is the best option for back pain is that it uses infrared therapy to relieve the pain. Infrared therapy uses infrared light waves emitted by LEDs to heal deep living tissue. These waves pierce deep into the skin to promote cell regeneration. 

Infrared light technology has other health benefits such as increased blood flow, reduced stiffness, and relieved sore muscles. Infrared rays pass through multiple layers of skin to reach nerves and muscles deep inside the body. The cells in the body absorb energy from this light and become more active. In this way, you will heal from chronic pain much faster.

2. A Lumbar Traction Wedge Has Controlled Vibration

Another essential feature of lumbar traction wedges is the controlled vibration. Controlled vibration is a strategy used to relieve pain by providing the expected effects of exercise without the stress or impact of training. This device offers high-frequency vibrations that stimulate stiff muscles to function correctly.

Vibrations help relieve pain by relaxing tight muscles, releasing nerves from tight joints, and increasing the range of motion. Vibration is also a standard treatment for inflammation markers in patients with arthritis.

3. A lumbar Traction Wedge is Non-invasive

Lumbar traction wedges provide non-invasive treatment. The non-invasive treatment is a procedure that does not involve puncturing the skin or removing tissue from the body. This procedure is more conservative compared to other traditional methods.

The lumbar traction wedge uses infrared heat to reach deep muscles without cutting any body part. In this way, pain and discomfort during treatment are minimal. As a patient with back pain, you tend to spend a minimum amount of time healing without the risk of complications.

4. Less Expensive Than Other Back Treatments

There are many ways to treat back pain. Different methods are considerably more costly than using lumbar traction wedges. Surgery requires a team of experts, but this device does not need an expert to monitor you during use. The initial cost of the lumbar traction wedge is also low.


Now that you are privy to why the lumbar traction wedge is the best option for back pain, it is entirely up to you to select the best. In this manner, you get to revel in advantageous outcomes for your back problem.


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