I think it’s important for people to take time to evaluate themselves, and to reflect on their life choices. This is how we discover and develop our own level of self-awareness.

For the last decade, the Zimmerman case has haunted the nation. The verdict was a foregone conclusion and the jury was split right down the middle. It was the first time in American history that a jury could reach a verdict based on the evidence alone. For decades we’ve been told to trust the verdict, to believe that justice was done.

The problem with this mindset is that we have a tendency to get defensive and to become defensive when others challenge our assumptions, especially when they are in the minority. The Zimmerman verdict was a case in point. It was a case of self-assessment, self-doubt, and self-confidence.

When the Zimmerman verdict was handed down, the media were already saying the verdict was a “slap in the face” to the Zimmerman family. They were already saying it in a way that was quite self-satisfied. There was a media outcry, a huge media outcry against the verdict, because the jury was made up of white, wealthy, upper class men.

This is a case of an assumption being made that Zimmerman’s family didn’t have to go to court to defend themselves. In fact, that assumption was in the minority, and it was based on the fact that Zimmerman’s family was wealthy and from upper class backgrounds. No wonder the media said that Zimmerman’s family was guilty because they couldn’t afford to hire a lawyer.

The media is wrong. Zimmermans family is not rich and doesn’t come from upper class backgrounds. The jury was made up of white, wealthy, upper class men, not a bunch of white, wealthy, upper class men.

The jury was made up of wealthy white men and this was the only reason that the media made such a big deal about the issue. It’s not that the jury was bad or bad people. A jury is usually comprised of mostly men of the same economic class.

The Zimmermans family is not wealthy and as the lawyer we hired said they didnt even have enough money to hire a law firm. That is not the main problem. The main problem was that the jury got it all wrong and they thought Zimmermans was guilty because of the financial status of his family. But the jury couldnt see the bigger picture because even though the jury thought Zimmermans was guilty, they didnt believe that this was the case.

The way that the jury viewed it, that the Zimmermans were “rich”. That is not true… their financial situation was not the issue. The problem was that they were a wealthy family that had a very big medical practice in which they had a vested interest. That vested interest was at the core of why they felt Zimmermans was a suspect.

The jury found Zimmermans guilty. The problem is that they didnt believe that Zimmermans medical practice had a vested interest in them. They didnt believe that they were wealthy or that there was a conspiracy to make Zimmermans look guilty. They believed that Zimmermans family was wealthy and that Zimmermans practice was a part of their practice. They didnt think that the Zimmermans family had a vested interest in these Visionaries. They thought that Zimmermans practice was going to be their practice. It wasnt.


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