zero blog thirty is a blog where I talk about zero. I talk about the things I’m grateful for, the things I’m proud of, and the things I’m working on.

zero blog thirty is a blog where I talk about zero. I talk about the things Im grateful for, the things Im proud of, and the things Im working on.

The blog is still under construction and I’m not sure what will happen when the time comes for it to make the jump. The only thing I know for sure is that the blog will continue to be a place where I talk about things about me, about what Im grateful for, and about what Im working on.

At the same time, the blog doesn’t exactly have a lot of content. I tend to write one entry per week. I may or may not write about music, or philosophy, or my latest job. I don’t really do any interviews or anything. There’s not a lot of content.

I actually started blogging in 2013, and Im not sure if I’m planning on keeping it up. I started it as a way to keep track of what I was doing, and I have continued to post once a week. It’s been a lot of changes, like I started as a music blog, and then I started writing a lot about my job and my interests.

Zero Blog 30 is a project where I try to break down the content of my blog into separate posts. I do this because I feel like I have an idea of what I want to say and it is time-consuming. I also feel like when I do break it down, it is more interesting to read. I think that is because the time that I have spent writing is more like reading.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the fence about whether to continue Zero Blog 30 or to just write about what I am interested in. I’ve tried to keep my blog pretty consistent, so I’ve had a lot of time for reading and writing.

Zero Blog 30 came in two parts: One in which I discussed my feelings toward blogging and how it has been a part of my life, and one in which I discussed what blogging means to me. I think there is so much more to say. Just to name a few, all of it has to do with how people feel about my writing. I dont feel that I have enough insight to write about everything, so I try to keep it concise and keep to a topic.

It’s been an interesting journey. My blog is a product of years of self-discovery, lots of learning, and lots of reading. If I feel that I don’t have anything to say, that I’m not creative enough, or that I am not worthy of being published in the same way that other people are, then I will simply stop blogging altogether.

I think my blog is one of the most unique pieces of my life that I have ever worked on. It is an outlet of expression. When I feel like I have something to say, I say it. And its almost always what I want to say. I have a very unique perspective on the industry, and I have found that my perspective on blogging is one that is very unique.


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