I don’t think of myself as a leader, I’m a leader who’s trying to help others to grow and develop in a healthy way. I get it that if you’re a leader, you have to make decisions and you have to make them right away. But that isn’t what I’m talking about here.

I think most people who are leaders are just lazy. Leaders are people who get really good at it, in theory. The problem is that in practice they are often so lazy that they end up doing something that isnt good for the group, and in fact isnt even good for themselves. They take decisions they know the group will hate, and do something that will piss off their peers (or at least the people who are going to have to deal with it).

Leaders tend to have lots of decision-making authority. They are the people who get shit done. They are the people who have the authority to push all the people they disagree with aside in the interests of the group. And they are the ones who have the power to force everyone to follow their bad-ass rules.

A leader can be a very successful or very unsuccessful leader. The one who is successful is someone who can take what they want, and make it happen. The one who is unsuccessful is someone who can’t take what they want, and then doesn’t have the authority to make it happen.

These are the two core leadership styles that most corporate leaders fall into. The successful leader can push people aside, make unilateral decisions, and force people to follow the rules. The unsuccessful one is someone who is able to take what they want, and make it happen. One that is successful is someone who is able to take what they want, and make it happen. But if you dont have any power, you can easily be a very unsuccessful leader.

This is the third level of self-awareness and leadership that I think needs to be addressed in the next paragraph. You can’t do this if you dont have any control over your own actions. And I think it is important not to let that take away from your own work.

The other leadership styles are those that are not centralizing power and making unilateral decisions. And I think they are the best leaders. But the best ones also are the ones that have the most power. The best ones also are those who are able to take what they want and make it happen. This is the level of self-awareness that I think should be addressed in the next paragraph.

It’s easy to think that this could be an easy problem to solve. But when we try to solve problems that are easy to solve, we only end up creating problems that are harder. So if you truly want to be a leader, you need to take care of your own self-awareness, and that’s where we’re at.

This reminds me of a great quote from an article on the Harvard Business Review that I was recently reading: “As a leader, I can get a lot done without being personally aware of what I’m doing”. This is the attitude that’s necessary if you want to be a leader. This is the attitude that’s necessary for anyone to follow.

Leadership is the art of making decisions that are not the result of your knowledge of the situation. I’ve never actually sat in on a meeting to see if the leader and the rest of the management team are on the same page, but I can tell you that I’ve never seen any group of people that are not on the same page. If your team is not on the same page, you can really fuck up.


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