Urei stands for the International Union of Physician and Surgeons. It is the abbreviation for “International Union of Medical Sciences.

The name Urei comes from the Greek root, meaning “to be ill.” In the U.S. it is used to describe illnesses that are caused by a deficiency of a substance. For example, diabetes could be caused by a lack of insulin, and a pregnancy could be caused by a lack of a hormone. It is also commonly used for diseases that are caused by a deficiency of a substance or hormone, and are not caused by an illness.

The International Union of Medical Sciences was not in existence until 1842. It was founded by Dr. Joseph Black, a British physician. At first he used the name Union of Physician and Surgeons, but later changed it to Union of Medical Science.

Medical terms are sometimes referred to as “misdirected terms.” For example, “pregnancy means the fertilization of a human being,” according to Wikipedia. Medical terms can be a good way to make sure that people understand what they are saying by using a short, concrete term that is easy to remember, but also makes it clear that the thing they are talking about is not some random disease, but something that can be either fatal or life-threatening.

So what does this mean? Well, the medical term for pregnancy is “puerperium.” This is a period of time between the fertilization of a human being and delivery. A puerperium is a period of time during which a woman may be treated as a pregnant woman, but she is not yet pregnant. The term, then, refers to the fact that a woman is carrying some disease while she is not yet a pregnant woman.

So for instance, a woman who is a diabetic could have a puerperium and then, if she is carrying a disease that could kill her, she would be treated as a pregnant woman, and therefore still have a puerperium. But if she is not pregnant, then she would be treated as if she were pregnant, which would be a normal puerperium.

Uri is a medical term, so there is no actual medical term for that. However, it is used in medical research and some other areas of health care.

It’s a medical term, but not a medical term that we know of.

The term uri is also used in the military to refer to the date on which the US entered the Asian War. So it would be a bad idea to have a baby before that date.

The military word for a date is a date. It is a term for what a date is.


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