I’ve been told that to supervise someone means you are a friend, an equal, or are willing to do their bidding. It’s not a physical, verbal, or emotional bond, but an intellectual one. The idea is that you have a certain amount of power over someone. It is not that you are the boss, but that you are someone who is capable of making decisions for them. If they choose to do something, you can choose to stop.

This might be a bit of a stretch, but I think this is sort of like the idea of a parent who wants to be a good parent. It’s not that he is the boss, but that he is a parent who makes an effort to be a good parent. Being able to control your actions and be able to make decisions is not something that comes naturally to everyone, but it is something that a lot of people can do.

This is a bit of a silly example, but perhaps supervise means that a parent is responsible for giving their children life-saving advice. In that sense, he is their boss, and the family is like a business.

In real life, supervise is a legal term that refers to someone who supervises a workplace. It is used to describe someone who makes sure that the employees have the proper equipment, or who checks in on their employees. It is also sometimes used as a noun to describe someone who has access to a company computer, and keeps an eye on the company’s finances.

In the context of superheroes, it is used to describe the role of a supervising character in a superhero story. Supervising heroes are those who have full control over a superhero, and can alter the superhero’s power for the benefit of the story, or who are present during a battle to stop the hero from being defeated.

Supervising heroes are a bit broader than supervising villains. A supervising villain is a supervising villain, but with the power of a supervising hero. The difference between supervising heroes and supervising villains as they are used in the DC comics is that supervising villains can be killed, while supervising heroes can’t.

What’s even more important though is that supervising heroes have an aspect of self-awareness. They know they’re on autopilot and can take control of their powers to help save their lives, but also know their powers can be changed by others. They can’t use these powers however, but if they try they can easily be turned off.

I like that the words “supervise” and “supervising” really do denote the different ways that the hero is able to exert control over his powers. For example, when Batman is being driven by his powers, he can either be the one driving, or he can be driven by someone else. This is great if you’re stuck in some pretty awesome car chase scenes and you’re in a car that doesn’t really want to be in the car chase.

It’s kind of a neat idea, but I feel that as a superhero you should have more control over your powers. Most super hero movies, TV shows and comic books have the hero having his powers turn off, but I don’t think a lot of those movies or shows really do a very good job of showing how much control a hero can have over his powers.

I agree.


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