Penia literally means penile. It’s also a portmanteau of penis and anus, which is why it’s frequently used as a verb.

Penia means “penis” in Latin. Also, it can also mean “penis” and “anal,” as in “penia anally”.

Penia means a man’s penis, and as we’ve all learned from Aesop, in the Greek version of Aesop’s Fables, the fables of the wise old man teach that a man’s penis should be kept in a man-safe container at all times. The original meaning of penia meant a man’s penis, and the Greek word penia means penis, and so penia, in Greek, is what you’re thinking of when you think of penis.

Penia, in Greek, means a mans penis and its Latin name, penile, means a mans penis, and penia anally also means a mans penis.

The word penia is derived from the Greek word penes, which means a mans penis. When I learned this word, I thought that I was pronouncing it wrong. But when I google the word in Greek (which I will do, for obvious reasons) I find you can easily google it in English, and I find out that the word is pronounced penie. So I think I have the pronunciation right.

I think this is kind of interesting, because there is also a Latin word derived from the Greek word penia and it is called penia. The Latin word penia is a word that means penis. It is a noun, and so it is more of a noun, whereas the Greek word penia is a verb which is a noun.

This is why there has been some debate as to whether penia is a verb or a noun. I think the confusion is due to the way penia is pronounced, as opposed to the way it is written, because in Latin it is written with a hard “e.” It is a Latin word that is pronounced the way we usually pronounce it. It was not the English pronunciation. So the way we pronounce it, which is the way we pronounce it in English, is a little odd.

I think penia is a noun, although not by much. It is an English word that is a verb, but it is considered a noun in Latin. This is why it has been argued that the Latin word penia is a verb and not a noun. The way it is pronounced is a little different from how we normally pronounce it. Because in Latin it is pronounced with a hard e. I think I see the difference.

The Latin word penia is a verb. In Latin, penia is used to mean “to die”, but it is a noun. In Latin, you do not die. You die, and then you get reborn. Here, we don’t use the verb to die, we use the noun to die. In English we can use the verb do to be used to die. But in Latin, we use the noun die.

In Latin, a dead man is still alive. A dead man is alive, but he is not yet alive. In English, you are dead. You are alive, but you are not yet alive. A dead man is dead.


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